Allison Grodner Speaks About Big Brother 11

On a radio talk show Friday, Allison Grodner spoke about the upcoming season of Big Brother 11.  Several pieces of information about BB11 were discussed.

On the Johnjay and Rich radio show, Allison Grodner revealed a few hints about the upcoming season of Big Brother.  You can download the radio show segment here.

  • Twelve personalities from various TV, print, and Internet sources lived in the house Friday for media day
  • The press lived one week of Big Brother in 12 hours
  • The cast and twist have been finalized
  • The new BB house has “gone green” and is “eco-friendly”
  • The twist this season is “unique” and “relatable”
  • Something new on premiere night is “unprecedented”
  • Julie Chen will be giving birth right after the finale
  • Allison jokes that Julie’s baby is the “14th houseguest”