Big Brother 11 House Tour

Ross Mathews recently interviewed Allison Grodner and toured the new Big Brother 11 house.  Below is the video and other details.

Inside Dish with Ross Mathews on recently toured the Big Brother 11 house with Executive Producer Allison Grodner.

Also, Ross will be talking about Big Brother on his Friday episodes of Inside Dish.  After each eviction, he will be interviewing the evicted houseguest and that interview will appear on his Friday shows.  So be sure to check those out when that time comes. and Big Brother Extra! The Live Video Chat Show with also be interviewing the houseguests after they’re evicted.  So be sure to tune in to our LIVE Big Brother talk shows starting THIS Thursday (July 2nd) at 7pm Eastern.  We’ll be talking about the house, the brand new houseguests, and hopefully the new twist!  Be sure to call in while we’re on the air to talk to Bunky and Keesha about anything and everything Big Brother!