12 Journalists in the BB House for 12 Hours

Twelve journalists played the Big Brother game Friday.  CBSTweet has confirmed that the game play is over.

UPDATE: We can announce that WeLoveBigBrother.com was fortunate enough to be picked to live in the Big Brother 11 house for media day.  Read more here.

For the past couple of seasons, CBS has locked several members of the press in the Big Brother house to show them what the Big Brother houseguests go through day in and out.  The following Twitter tweets have come in regarding media day on Big Brother 11:

Several sources: No informaiton about press day will be released until June 29th

CBSTweet: Big Bro media day just concluded…12 House Guests…12hrs…Who won? Who lost? We’ll let them break the news….

CBSTweet: Big Brother media day. 12 press locked in the house for 12 hours. Who will be voted out?

Who is participating?  Who will win HOH? And who will go on slop?  We hope to have details soon!  Stay tuned!