Week 7 – Eviction and Endurance HOH Updates

SPOILER ALERT: Continue reading for up-to-the minute spoilers from the 7th live Big Brother 11 eviction and Endurance HOH competition.

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  • The HGs have to retrieve mugs and fill their tanks up with hot chocolate
  • The first HG to raise the marshmallow above the line wins the competition
  • Watch the competition play out live right here on the live feeds
  • 6:10 It looks as if Kevin is in the lead at the moment
  • 6:12 According to our eyes: Kevin 1st, Michele 2nd, Jordan 3rd, Natalie 4th
  • 6:15 Jordan says “this tastes like Hersheys” and then takes a major tumble
  • 6:20 Kevin looks to have half of his bowl filled
  • 6:31 Michele took her first major tumble
  • 6:32 Kevin 1st, Michele/Jordan 2nd, Natalie 4th
  • 6:39 Kevin looks to be two-thirds complete; Michele and Jordan still close in 2nd; Natalie in 4th
  • 6:40 Michele gaining lead over Jordan; Kevin likely to win unless he has a major fall
  • 6:45 Kevin is minutes away from winning; Michele 2nd, Jordan 3rd, Natalie 4th
  • 6:47 Natalie dropped her cup on her barrell and is struggling to retrieve it
  • 6:54 Kevin has slowed slightly but is still very close to winning; Natalie is physically exhausted
  • 6:59 The HGs have to deal with raining chocolate as Kevin speeds to the finish
  • 7:01 After Jordan fell, Jeff asked if she “popped a boob”
  • 7:05 Feeds blocked; has Kevin won the HOH?
  • 7:25 Feeds back; Kevin won HOH; HGs are showering
  • Have and Have Not competitions are done for the summer
  • A new HOH twist shows a question mark behind a secret door in the HOH room
  • Votes to Evict Russell: Jordan, Kevin, and Michele
  • Russell is evicted by a vote of 3-0