WLBB’s Eviction Interview with Russell Kairouz & Pictures

Just 24 hours after his eviction, WeLoveBigBrother.com spoke with Russell Kairouz about his eviction from Big Brother 11.  Read his thoughts as he departs Big Brother and heads to the jury house.

FYI – WeLoveBigBrother.com will be attending the Big Brother 11 finaleon Tuesday, September 15th.  Immediately after the show, we’ll be interviewing the Big Brother 11 houseguests and will post our videos late Tuesday night (just like we did for BB9 and BB10).  Be sure to tell your Big Brother friends that WLBB is the place to be for finale night.

WLBB: Hi Russell, this is Brian from WeLoveBigBrother.com.  Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions this morning.

WLBB: In the Diary Room we heard you repeatedly say it would be a smart move for Jeff to backdoor you and you didn’t seem overly shocked when he used the Veto to put you on the block.  But you then provoked many arguments with Jeff and Jordan.  What was your game-play behind these arguments?

Russell Kairouz: I wanted them to reveal to the house that they were lying when they made the final 4 agreement and that they could not be trusted in anything they said.

WLBB: Many viewers thought you were going to add more fuel to the fire with Jeff and Jordan when you were evicted.  Why did you choose to leave the house with such a positive attitude?

RK: I think I have a good perspective on the game. I understand that it is not reality and some people take it too personal.

WLBB: If you would have stayed and won HOH, would you have stuck to the final four deal with Jeff, Jordan, and Michele?  Or would you have taken the opportunity to advance your final two deal with Michele?

RK: I would have stuck to the final four agreement because I know I can beat any of those three in a competition.

WLBB: Who would you LIKE to see win HOH next?  Who do you THINK will win HOH next?

RK: I would like to see Natalie win. I think Michele will win the next HOH.

WLBB: If you got to choose which houseguests would be joining you in the Jury House, where do Lydia and Jessie rank on your list?  Who would you rather spend time with leading up to the finale?

RK: Jessie would be number 1 and Lydia would be number 2. I don’t mind spending time with Jessie.

WLBB: Thanks Russell.