Big Brother Extra! Episode 3 with Mike (BB8)

On the night of the first eviction of Big Brother 11, Bunky and Mike (BB8) took your calls and talked about the game live on Big Brother Extra! The Live Video Chat Show.

 Bunky and Mike from BB8 hosted the third episode of Big Brother Extra! one hour before the first eviction of BB11.  Be sure to watch them discuss their thoughts about BB11.  Plus, check out Episode 1 with Keesha and Episode 2 with Memphis.  P.S. – Dan form BB10 prank called Memphis and Bunky live on the air during Episode 2.  Tune in Thursday, July 30th when Erika from BB4/7 joins us live!

Also, be sure to start your free trial of the 24/7 live feeds to see the reactions of the houseguests after tonight’s eviction.  Their reactions should be good this week!  Start your 3-day free trial here.