Big Brother 11 Eviction 1 & HOH Details

SPOILER ALERT: For those of you who live outside the Eastern and Central time zones, well be updating you throughout the first eviction episode.

  • Julie is chatting with the houseguests before the eviction vote
  • Almost all of Chima’s speech was censored due to racial remarks that Braden has said in the house
  • Votes to evict Braden: Russel, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia, Ronnie
  • Votes to evict Chima: Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Michele, Casey
  • The votes were tied 5-5 because of Ronnie’s vote
  • Ronnie admits that he is “going to Hell”
  • Jessie, as HOH, broke the tie and evicted Braden from the house
  • The Head of Household competition is called “Big Brother Homecoming: Most Likely To”
  • The fans on were asked questions about the cliques
  • The houseguests had to decide with clique was answered by the majority of America
  • Question 1 – Chima was eliminated
  • Question 2 – Kevin was eliminated
  • Question 3 – Russell was eliminated
  • Question 4 – Natalie was eliminated
  • Question 5 – Laura was eliminated because she answered incorrectly
  • Question 6 – Jeff was eliminated (the athletes are all gone)
  • Question 7 – Jordan was eliminated (the populars are all gone)
  • Question 8 – Casey was eliminated
  • Question 9 – Lydia was eliminated (the off beats are all gone)
  • Question 10 – Michele was eliminated
  • Ronnie became the second Head of Household
  • Dan from Big Brother 10 will be “returning to surprise them”

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