‘Big Brother 19’: Megan Lowder self-evicts before the live feeds even start

“Big Brother 19” has only just started and yet we’ve already had so much drama in the house.

If you told us after the two-night premiere that someone was going to self-evict before the live feeds even came on, we would have put money on it being Josh Martinez, the wildly unstable houseguest who put a huge target on his own back with his shenanigans the first two days the hamsters were inside the house.

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But when the feeds came on Thursday (June 29), it turned out not to be Josh but Megan Lowder who has already left the house, which seems to have come as much out of left field as the hate lobbed Megan’s way from both Josh and Cody in the premiere episodes.

We don’t yet know exactly what happened, but it sounds like Megan got caught in some lies in the house and then one day went into the Diary Room and never came back out. Guess she just wasn’t really cut out to play “Big Brother,” because if the writing is on the wall about being voted out, it’s kind of a chickensh*t move to self-evict first, especially because it puts someone else in jeopardy.

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With Megan gone, Cody nominated Alex in her place, so Alex and Jillian remain on the block with the Power of Veto looming. We also don’t yet know who was awarded the Pendant of Protection by the viewers, but it does sound like it was given out, so that person must have decided to either keep the news to him or herself or discussion of it hasn’t been on the live feeds yet. With Paul’s built-in fanbase from last season, it’s hard to see anyone else winning it, but you never know.

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