Willie Hantz Arrested for Drunk Driving after Big Brother 14

Just five nights after being expelled from the Big Brother 14 house for a physical altercation, Willie Hantz (brother of Russel from Survivor) was arrested in Louisiana for suspicion of drunk driving… according to TMZ.

Willie was expelled from the Big Brother 14 house less than a week ago after headbutting Joe Arvin, another Big Brother houseguest.  The producers of the show immediately removed Willie from the game.  TMZ first reported he was arrested in Louisiana shortly after 2am for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  The Sheriff’s Office mugshot shows Willie with a short mohawk that he sported during his short stay in the Big Brother house.

UPDATE 11am PT: According to TMZ, Willie was in a yellow 2012 Camaro and chose to run when police approached the vehicle.  After a “very short pursuit” he was arrested by police.  The report says he refused a breathalyzer test.

UPDATE 1pm PT: WeLoveBigBrother.com can confirm Willie was released on $750 bond.  He is awaiting a court date assignment.  He was booked as William Glenn Hantz. He was arrested, booked, and released all on July 26, 2012.

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