Breaking: Houseguest Expelled from the Big Brother 14 House

Here’s a perfect example of why you should be watching the 24/7 live feeds!  Find out which houseguest is no longer in the Big Brother 14 house.

After Friday’s Coaches Competition that resulted in Janelle taking the prize, Willie Hantz began to threaten other houseguests and suggested he would get himself kicked out before he was potentially evicted on Thursday.  Fans witnessed this on the 24/7 live feeds (you should be watching too!).

After a blockage on the live feeds, other houseguests have been discussing what Willie did to be kicked out of the Big Brother house.  It seems Willie got physical and headbutted Joe. He also threw food at Janelle and kicked a door.

If you have the live feeds, you can Flashback to July 20th at 3:35pm (PST) to watch the events unfold.  Also on Flashback, Ian recaps the evening’s events on CAM 1 at 9:10pm (PST).

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Sign up for the live feeds to get a live and uncensored view inside the house. It’s a 3-day free trial! specifically asked Willie about previous houseguests that were kicked off Big Brother in our pre-season interviews.  Check out his response below or watch the full interview.

Also worthwhile: Willie’s nephew, Brandon Hantz, posted a video on YouTube defending his family member.  Brandon and Russel Hantz have both competed on Survivor.  Russel is Willie’s brother.