House Calls returns with all-star hosts

House Calls on is set to return for more action-packed live shows starting on Monday, July 14.

House Calls entertains die-hard Big Brother fans by taking calls and as host Gretchen Massey says, “dishing the dirt” on the Big Brother house guests.  This interactive show airs Monday-Friday at 10am PST / 1pm EST only on  Be sure to watch the season premier of Big Brother on Sunday, July 13 and then tune into House Calls on Monday.

We can confirm that the following past house guests will be Gretchen’s co-hosts:

  • Monday: Daniele (BB8)
  • Tuesday: Bunky (BB2)
  • Wednesday: Sheila (BB9)
  • Thursday: Dick (BB8)
  • Friday: Kaysar (BB6/7)

During Big Brother 9, took the time to interview the hosts of House Calls about their show.  You can watch the interview to learn about this wacky and fun talk-show.

Bunky, the Tuesday host of House Calls is a big fan of  In fact, Bunky conducted our exclusive finale interviews for WLBB.  Here is a statement from Bunky thanking you, his fans:

Hey BB fans, WLBB fans, Feed Freaks, and House Calls fans!!

Did you enjoy Funky Sock Friday and Bunky on the Beat last season on House Calls?! I hope so.  I love (and live) to entertain you all. Thanks for your loyalty and support.

I will be co-hosting House Calls this summer on TUESDAYS! My first day will be July 15, but here’s a exclusive… Instead of Funky Sock Friday I currently plan to call my day Big Booty Tuesday.  And my new and improved Bunky on the Beat will have a new name and slightly modified format too. Tune in Tuesday, July 15 to House Calls on to get the scoop LIVE! And while you’re at it, CALL me… you know the number 323-CBS-1000.

Big hairy hugs from Bunky