Allison Grodner reveals season secrets to WLBB spoke exclusively to BB’s Executive Producer Allison Grodner Tuesday about the brand new season.

While the houseguests may not be in the house yet, Grodner said the work is well underway.

“Were getting closer and closer to the big move in day,” she said. “Weve got the house still getting fixed. Im watching it right now as weve got a cleaning crew in there right now and were making it all nice and pretty for the group.”

Grodner revealed when this group of 13 moves in, they will be complete strangers.

“As far as the cast is concerned,” she said, “rest assured they are all strangers.”

They also will be diverse in their backgrounds, points of view and ages.

“We have a wide range of ages this year,” she said. “Theres young, theres old, theres in between, theres parents, theres students, theres people with white collar jobs, blue collar jobs. Its all very different. Weve got a lot of very specific types of people in this house, and people who have very extreme points of view than maybe weve had in the past.”

She said the house will also reflect this diversity.

“This year [the house] reflects the cast in all the different places and eras they come from,” she said. “Its a very different house, its not our winter house. This is a very different thing and it goes with the cast.”

Grodner also confirmed live audiences will return to the show in a different way, as producers wanted to carefully include some successful elements from the show’s past.

“[We wanted to take] the original concept of the show of strangers moving into a house — with diverse points of view, coming from all places, all different ages, all different walks of life — and try to put that back into play for this special Big Brother 10 season,” she said.

Don’t forget about the twist! Grodner explained it will play out from day one.

“The game starts before these people even enter the house,” she hinted. “Expect the unexpected. Expect a completely different Big Brother from what youve seen this past year.”

Grodner has been a part of Big Brother since Season 2.

Watch the interview below.

Confirmed information:

  • Houseguests coming to town soon
  • Houseguests will be going through press interviews soon
  • Cleaing crew in the house right now
  • “Absolutely all strangers” with diverse points of view and backgrounds
  • All different ages
  • Twists and turns down the road
  • Live audiences will involve fans more than audiences in Season 1
  • 13 houseguests with extreme points of view
  • House represents the “places and eras” that the cast comes from
  • The game starts before the houseguests even go in the house on premiere night

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