FEATURE: WLBB maps out potential summer ‘showmances’

The summer ‘showmance’—it’s consistently one of Big Brother’s most successful story lines, and—let’s be honest—a good (and bad) reality TV romance can be as addicting as that morning cup of coffee you just can’t live without.

This season, WeLoveBigBrother.com was the only Big Brother fan site to speak to the new group of eight, and we asked each houseguest about love and the ideal companion. With the help of a few Tarot cards, a couple of palm readings, and a good crystal ball, here are our Big Brother summer romance predictions. And, who knows, one lucky couple could fall victim to the show’s infamous ‘love spell.’

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Porsche says she likes a good Latin lover—the Miami-type with dark hair. Dominic should be right up her alley, but he says he prefers his women a little more “exotic looking.” We expect a little flirting, but nothing long-lasting.

Of all the potential matches, we expect these two models to have the best chance for a connection. While it may not be ‘love at first sight,’ we would be shocked if the two didn’t pair up as friends. Cassi—similar to Annie (season 12)—likes to hang with the guys, and Dominic is a good-ole college boy. Plus, imagine the modeling conversations and name-dropping that will occur!

He’s the bible-bangin’ Ollie (BB10) twin who happens to—ironically—also be attracted to the white blondes. That’s original, right? While he claims to be better looking than Ollie and a better game player (I’m not sure which game he is referring to), look for this match to be as successful as his attempt to play a religious disciple on TV.

She seems like a lot of fun, but it looks like it’s going to be a romance-free summer for Kalia, who said she is reluctantly attracted to the “thug-type.” Keith is certainly not that type, plus, he’ll be using his HR skills on other women. The best bet for Kalia, who reminds us of Libra (BB10), is to focus on the game and request a 50 Cent CD when she wins HOH.