Details of the Houseguests’ First Night

SPOILER ALERT: The houseguests have entered the Big Brother 11 house and we already have details of their first night.

‘Corner Office’ from RealityBBQ has been sharing accurate information about this season’s twist, cast, and now the first night in the Big Brother house.  According to ‘Corner Office’ the houseguests entered the BB11 house at about 6:30pm last night. Additional details:

The first in the house were Russell, Ronnie, Laura, and Kevin

The Cliques:

Braden, Jordan, Laura

Russell, Jeff, Natalie

Ronnie, Chima, Michele

Lydia, Kevin, Casey

The first HOH will be a former HG. Each clique is assigned one. The HG dont know who theyre getting. Who are they? One of them had a showmance. Another was almost an All Star.

As with every first night of Big Brother it was a love fest.Ronnie couldnt hide his excitement. 

During the “Getting to know you” in the living room, Laura and
Braden sat in the “you got screwed chairs”.
Casey comes off as another Boogie, fedora and all.

Jeff wore the Chicago city flag on his shirt. He definitely has an accent

Michele downplayed her personal info.

Jordan is the new Jessica and everyone will love her.*

Watch out for Russell. Hes very chill and smart.*

Lydia and Laura were the first to talk game.* It was very brief and
they said its hard to team up when they dont know what cliques
theyll be in. Then Jeff and Russell joined them up stairs to play chess.

When Casey was called into the DR the rest of the HG made fun of him a little. Braden rapped as well as a white surfer from the OC can.

BB decided to divided the HG into their cliques after all. They found out when they entered the Back Yard for the HOH Comp

The first comp was endurance.

The Athletes seemed to have the best grip on the game over all. Not just the physical aspect but also the mental. Theyre there to play.

At 11:30 the house had an HOH. You first met him in BB10 and he is sure to add a lot of drama to not only the house but to his clique as well.

This post on RealityBBQ confirms that former houseguests will be involved in the game in some way.  We haven’t yet received many details if or how the former houseguests will be involved as the mystery 13th houseguest.  Post your thoughts below about this new information from ‘Corner Office.’  Stay tuned for more details!

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