Big Brother 12: Matt Hoffman Eviction Interview

Each week, will bring you an exclusive post-eviction interview with the Big Brother 12 cast.  After being evicted, we will ask the evicted houseguests YOUR questions.  Read what Matt had to say about his time in the house.

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Brian Scheffler, Matt, 24 hours after your eviction, how much are you regretting throwing last week’s Head of Household competition?

Matt: It is my number one regret at this point in my life. It was a stupid move not only competitively, but even more so because one of my strategies going in to this game was to never throw any competitions. The one time I did it was the one time it bit me in the rear. I wouldn’t have been as regretful, but I knew all the questions so I could have won it. That is the most bothersome part of it.

Brian: Besides Britney as the Head of Household, do you feel there were any other houseguests gunning to get you out? If so, who?

Matt: Literally every houseguest including the Brigade and Ragan have told me multiple times throughout the season that I’m the biggest competitor physically and emotionally so my guess is every contestant was gunning for me at some point.

Brian: Do you regret throwing your friend in the house, Ragan, under the bus? And do you really accept not getting a vote from him?

Matt: I do regret throwing Ragan under the bus. I tried to do it in a subtle way. I don’t’ believe I ever said you should put Ragan up. I was just making arguments as to why he shouldn’t be an option. As far as him not voting for me, I told him that it was cool because if I was already a goner there was no reason for him to isolate himself from the house by voting for me.

Brian: How do you feel about the Brigade at this point? Last week, they informed you they would be voting you out before you surprised them with the Diamond Power of Veto. This week, they sent you packing over Enzo. Do you still have an allegiance to them?

Matt: They are great guys and from a friendship standpoint I am going to be friends with them for years to come.

Brian: Instead of throwing Ragan under the bus to Britney, would it have been smarter to out the Brigade in an attempt to oust another member of the Brigade?

Matt: Ousting the Brigade was not really an option for me. It would have been earlier in the season when there were more people in the house. We needed to keep the numbers on our side. Trying to get Ragan put up was my best option.

Brian: If you had made it to the final two, who would you have wanted to be sitting next to you?

Matt: I would have picked Enzo because there is absolutely a zero percent chance that he would win the half million over anyone else in the house.

Brian: Are you looking forward to spending several weeks in the Jury House with Rachel and Kathy?

Matt: No – I’m not looking forward to that at all. It will be torturous. Even if it wasn’t Rachel and Kathy there will be nothing exciting about leaving the big Brother house. Having Rachel and Kathy in jury doesn’t make it any easier.

Brian: Who do you think was the second Saboteur in the house? Who would surprise you the most as being the Saboteur?

Matt: I thought the saboteur was Kathy until we got rid of her and never herd otherwise. My second guess is Enzo. I’m almost sure it is him. He was on my radar for the saboteur the first time so I think it is him the second time. I think Ragan is the least likely to be the saboteur.

Brian: How nervous are you to explain to your fellow houseguests that your wife, Stacy, does not have a serious medical condition? And how do you think they will take that news?

Matt: I’m very nervous about that. I think they will be extremely upset. Particularly Ragan, Brendon and Kathy. I think that some people will get over it quicker than others but it is still heavily weighing on my conscience.

Brian: Let’s play a quick game that I play with all the evictees: I’ll give you a houseguest name and you give me ONLY a couple of words to describe that person or finish that thought. Ready?

Enzo: Infantile
Britney: Evil
Brendon: Misunderstood
Ragan: Genuine
Lane: He’s a good guy to have in your corner

Brian: Thanks for your time, Matt. Enjoy the jury house and we’ll see you in the backyard on finale night for press interviews!