Big Brother 12: Brendon Villegas Eviction Interview

Each week, will bring you an exclusive post-eviction interview with the Big Brother 12 cast.  After being evicted, we will ask the evicted houseguests YOUR questions.  Read what Brendon had to say about his time in the house.

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Brian Scheffler, Brendon as you enter the Jury House, do you think Rachel will be more excited to see you or more disappointed that you’re no longer in the game?

Brendon: Rachel will be sad that I’m no longer in the game but really excited to see me…exactly how I feel about her.

Brian: Did “playing the game for Rachel” negatively impact any decision you made in the game after she was evicted?

Brendon: It may have by trying to back door Matt vs. Britney…but I will not regret anything I did in the game…I stood up for what I believe in which is true love and I will continue to do that.

Brian: Now that you’re evicted, to you regret not taking some of the prizes in the most recent Veto Competition instead of taking all of the punishments?

Brendon: That had crossed my mind. When I entered the house I wanted to compete and if I would have excepted those prizes I would have been giving up early and that’s just not who I am or what I’m about.

Brian: Why did you choose to be handcuffed to Britney for 24 hours? Strategy or torture for Britney?

Brendon: All strategy – I thought I could potentially influence her as to who she puts up as replacement nominee. It was also a bit of torture.

Brian: If you had made it to the final two, who would you have wanted to be sitting next to you?

Brendon: Britney – honestly, because I know a good amount of people in the house would not have voted to give her $500,000

Brian: Besides Rachel, who are you looking forward to spending several weeks with in the Jury House?

Brendon: Maybe Enzo would be fun to hang out with if he comes, but Rachel is who I am most looking forward to spending time with.

Brian: Who do you think was the second Saboteur in the house? Who would surprise you the most as being the Saboteur?

Brendon: I believe it was Matt – either him or Lane, but I am leaning much more towards Matt.

Brian: Let’s play a quick game that I play with all the evictees: I’ll give you a houseguest name and you give me ONLY a couple of words to describe that person or finish that thought. Ready?

Enzo: Zanny
Britney: Materialistic
Ragan: Talkative
Lane: Spot-lighting
Rachel: Perfect

Brian: Thanks for your time, Brendon. Enjoy the jury house and we’ll see you in the backyard on finale night for press interviews!