Allison Grodner Speaks to WLBB to Straighten Out Season Surprises spoke to Allison Grodner, Big Brother’s executive producer, Wednesday about this season’s surprises, eco-friendly house and mysterious thirteenth houseguest.

In the interview, Grodner laid out many of the season’s basics, including defining the details of this year’s high school clique twist (read more about twist here).

“This is still, I want to stress, an individual game,” Grodner said. “But what we’ve created is a system is a system in which you want to vie to be in the in-crowd. If your group, if your clique, is in the in-crowd for the week by winning Head of Household… then it ensures your saftey for that week because you cannot nominate a member of your own clique. But ultimately… when you vote, you’re voting as an individual. So if it’s a member of your own clique and you haven’t ‘clicked,’ so to speak, you can still kick them out.”

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She also explained another new change, turning the weekly food competitions into something she called ‘Have and Have Not’ competitions.

“This season we’re going to be revealing to the houseguests, instead of your traditional food competition, we have a ‘Have and Have Not’ competition,” she said. “There will be a group, that if they lose this competition, will be subject to the worse living conditions that we’ve probably had in Big Brother. That will include living in this really sparse, horribly cold, cold room. And having to take cold showers and, of course, subject to that week’s food restriction. This is like living on a block of ice in the middle of a room under bright lights that never turn off.”

As with many past seasons, Big Brother fans will able to have their voice in the house. This summer, viewers will vote on food restrictions for those named ‘have nots.’

“Starting in the second week… we’re going to put it to the vote, for the viewers to decide what the food restriction is,” she said. “Now the people on food restrictions, basically the ‘have nots,’ will of course be able to have slop and other food condiments that in the house as always. But they will add to that a food restriction that America has chosen. So that will be their main staple. Whether it be sardines, or lollipops, or chocolate, or squid, or whatever it is, we will put it out there for the viewers to suggest and vote.”

When asked about the mysterious thirteenth houseguest and whether it may involve a previous season’s houseguest, Grodner remained tight lipped.

“I think it’s a really fun twist and it will be revealed on premiere night who that thirteenth houseguest is,” she said.

To listen to the full interview and learn more about this season, listen to the interview in its entirety below.

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  • Highlights from’s interview with Allison Grodner
  • Four groups of three
  • Not like season 9 soulmates where BB forced them together
  • This is still an individual game
  • Big Brother created a system where you want to be in the ‘in-crowd’
  • Each player wants the perks of being in the in-crowd
  • If one member of a clique wins Head of Household, other members of that clique cannot be nominated
  • Allison did not say a room had a ‘jungle theme’
  • Third bedroom is ‘one of the worst rooms in Big Brother history’
  • Instead of traditional Food Competitions, there are now ‘Have and Have Not’ competitions
  • Losers of the Have and Have Not competition are subject to worst living conditions in BB history
  • Have Nots subject to a cold room, cold showers, food restrictions, and bright lights that never turn off
  • No details regarding the 13th Mysterious Houseguest will be released until July 9th
  • Starting second week, viewers will decide the food restriction
  • The Have Nots will get slop in addition to America’s food restriction
  • The exercise bikes and lightbulbs might come into play later this summer

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