Week 9 – Veto, Eviction, and Part 1 of Endurance HOH

SPOILER ALERT: Continue reading for minute-by-minute spoilers from Tuesday’s LIVE Veto Ceremony, Eviction, and Part 1 of the Endurance Head of Household Competition.

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ENDURANCE HOH COMPETITION UPDATES: (watch on the live feeds)

  • 10:53 Kevin won Part 1 of the 3 part HOH competition
  • 10:53 Natalie jumped off
  • 10:35 Natalie plans to let Kevin win Part 1 in 10-15 minutes
  • 10:28 Jordan is the first to fall after 3.5 hours on the log
  • 9:30 Despite the harsh weather conditions, all three remain strong
  • 9:04 It’s snowing again
  • 9:03 WOW, it is REALLY raining on the 24/7 live feeds and on Showtime 2
  • 9:01 At the two hour mark, all three remain strong
  • 8:44 Natalie nearly lost it; all are still hanging on
  • 8:37 The log keeps changing directions quickly and the HGs are struggling
  • 8:23 The log has sped up quite a bit
  • 8:12 It turned to winter with blowing snow and ice chips
  • 7:52 The log has reversed directions but the HGs must still face forward
  • 7:44 The log abruptly stopped spinning and Kevin nearly fell
  • 7:41 Natalie telling Jordan that Michele will try to get with Jeff in the Jury House
  • 7:37 Natalie walking strange (trying to “accidentally” fall off?)
  • 7:34 It’s storming again with rain, lightning, and blowing leaves
  • 7:29 Jordan “Is this gonna spin faster?” (of course!)
  • 7:27 Feeds back; all three seem to be doing well and still in game
  • 7:27 As soon as the 24/7 live feeds return, we’ll keep you updated. REMEMBER not to constantly refresh
  • 6:58 It is now storming in the backyard with lightning and rain
  • 6:54 Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin must hold onto a key while running on a rotating log


  • The Veto Competition is the “Veto Block Party” and is a name/event matching game
  • In the HOH room, Julie questions Natalie about all of her lies in the house
  • Kevin removed himself from the block by using the Power of Veto
  • Jordan is the only option for the replacement nominee
  • Kevin voted to evict Michele
  • FYI, we did not see Jeff enter the jury house on the show