Week 1 – Premiere Episode Recap

Let the fun begin!  Big Brother 14 is here and we have you covered!  Check below to see what happened during the first episode and check back tonight for House Spoilers once the 24/7 live feeds begin soon.

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Here’s what we already know:

Returning Houseguest Twist

  • The new houseguests will be ‘coached’ by one of the returning mentor houseguests.
  • Dan, Janelle, Britney, and Mike Boogie will be the four mentor houseguests, as we previously reported.
  • Each coach will pick 3 houseguests they will “guild” all season long.
  • If one of their houseguests wins the game, the coach will win $100,000.

The Team Selections

Head of Household Competition

  • Britney’s team won the competition.
  • Britney chose Willie to be the first Head of Household
  • Dan’s team came in last.
  • Dan chose Jodi to be the first evicted houseguest.

24/7 Live Feeds and Details