BLOG: Rumored cast list may be real

The latest season 10 cast list floating the web may be correct, based on poster’s past predictions.

The list, originally posted on Big Brother fan site RealityBBQ, was submitted by user CornerOfficeX. The alleged insider has correctly posted information before past Big Brother seasons about the cast, twists and house.

The 13 alleged houseguests include:

Jesse or Jessie, 22
Jerry, 75, is the self professed biggest Big Brother fan in the world. Everyone will love Jerry!
Keesha, 29, blond bombshell who works at Hooters. Reminds us of Danielle D.

The user also adds some nameless descriptions of some of the houseguests:

A recently divorced Koren-American tomboy.

A 35-year-old gay rodeo cowboy whos a bit prejudiced himself.

A 25-year-old who doesnt consider himself a bartender.

A 53-year-old New Orleans socialite.

A 31-year-old whos from a predominantly white neighborhood, shes a black mother of three and an Obama supporter in Bush country. She has a pair of rare twins.

The son of a Pentecostal preacher.

A 24-year-old teacher in an all boys Catholic school. He would move out of the country if Hillary were President. cannot confirm whether the list is official, but again, based on the poster’s past record, it has the potential (more so than others) to be correct.

Stay with us for the official unveiling sometime in the next week.