Three new Big Brother 10 commercials surface

Several new Big Brother 10 commercials have hit the television airwaves and are a little different than most of the other commercials we’ve seen so far.

Most of the recent commercials have used mainly Big Brother 9 houseguests with sound clips about summer and Big Brother “together again.”

Update: June 28 (6:40 p.m.)
I have added two more commercials that I ran across. All are a little different but yet still have the same theme.

I was watching TV and saw another commercial that is different than most that I have seen so far. It still has the same “Happy Together” theme but uses new clips from Big Brother 8 and 9. However it still seems to revolve around Natalie saying “I want to spread the love” and Nick (BB8) saying “there are a lot of hot people in the house.”

Take a look at the new commercial below and compare it to the other commercial below that we are used to seeing on CBS.

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