New Big Brother 12 Saboteur Twist; Houseguest Possibly Returning?

The Big Brother 12 “Summer of Sabotage” twist lives on … maybe.  Another Saboteur could be named in the Big Brother house and it is up to America to decide who it will be.  Plus, will a previously evicted Houseguest be returning?

On Thursday’s live eviction show, Julie Chen confirmed that America will choose a replacement Saboteur from houseguests remaining in the house.  If America’s choice agrees, he or she will become the Saboteur for two weeks.  If the Saboteur goes undetected for two weeks, he or she will win $20,000.  Find out who America chose as the Saboteur on Thursday, August, 5th.

Also, after the first eviction, broke the news that all of the evicted houseguests were NOT headed back to the real world after their evictions.  During most seasons, the first four evicted houseguests return home and the 5th evicted houseguest goes to the jury house.  However, we confirmed that starting with the first eviction, all evicted houseguests were being sequestered.  Does this mean one of them might return to the house?  When questioning the early sequester, we were told by contacts close to Big Brother 12 to “Expect the Unexpected.”

In any event, we can almost guarantee this will be a heated week on the live feeds.  If you don’t already have them, now is a good time to give the 3-day free trial a shot!

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