House details from inside this year’s ‘summer shack’ (Pictures & Videos)

After spending 12 hours inside the Big Brother house for Media Day earlier this month and now that the Early Show has given you the first look,‘s Matt Maynard is able to give you some of the first details about this season’s new digs.

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Media Day Blog: House details from inside this year’s ‘summer shack’

Standing inside this year’s Big Brother house, I felt like I had ventured well into south Florida. From the Miami teal/steal kitchen color combo, to the friendly flamingos greeting me at the bottom of the stairs, all the way to the oversized palm trees and shell collection—you know there’s bound to be plenty of trouble in paradise this year.

While I may have been a little caught up in excitement (as, of course, I was standing inside “THE” Big Brother house), I did take a time to document some of the big décor details that I remember from my day inside the house. Please keep in mind that I have as much interest in interior design as Big Brother fans do in watching the fish tank on the feeds—so my descriptions may make some of you cringe.

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Front Entrance

On the wall across from the front door, two palm tree trunks run up both sides of the wall. The top of the trees (which may have had coconuts) branch out across from the second-floor chess area. I must say though, when I first ran into the house, I totally missed these.

Living Room

The living room didn’t stick out much to me this year. One large purple wallpaper wall is noticeable when you first walk into the room (with a light, shiny pattern). The nomination chairs were white Florida beach house-like chairs with basket material-like arm rests. The main couches didn’t stick out either—they were long  with short arm rests complete with plenty of pillows. Large white shells and other décor sat on a table for decoration.


There were three main bedrooms—we were only given access to two. My room (the bedroom without a door) had three little beds with dark wallpaper that had a busy tropical tree design. If I remember correctly, each bed was a different bright color.

The other bedroom (which we sat in for nearly an hour without talking—explaining why I remember it so clearly) was nicknamed the “rainbow room.” It had bright, vertically-stripped wallpaper (with a main color of red) with three beds and foe glass block walls that showcased bright rainbow colors. The room also had large IKEA-like circle lights hanging from the ceiling. Side note: While I sat in the bed looking at this light, I realized for the first time that many of the rooms in the Big Brother house had waffle ceilings… I found that funny.

The third bedroom remained locked and, according to producers, would again be a “have not” bedroom. It’s hard to say what’s behind that door—but, for my super BB fans, they even covered the hole for the camera that can pan between both bedrooms—so there was definitely no peaking!

Kitchen/Dining Room

TV Guide gave you the first look inside these areas—the teal kitchen cabinet doors definitely catch your attention when you walk into this area. Beyond the flamingos waiting at the bottom of the stairs, there was not a lot that drew my attention.

One fun story: When we were cooking dinner in the kitchen, we went to use the microwave and learned that it wasn’t plugged in or even near an outlet. After asking the Big Brother gods why they would have a microwave nowhere near an outlet, I carried it (somewhat clumsily) to the other counter and set it in between the stove and sink. Needless to say, I found it enjoyable that it still sits there in the picture published in TV Guide. And to think, I thought I had no career in interior design…

“Cabana Room”

Well… contrary to what some fansites have posted, there are no coffins and spiders in this room—so let me be the first to “kill off” those rumors.

In the past we’ve seen this room as an exercise room and a spa room—it looks like this year it will mainly be used for games and naps. Before entering, an awning sticks out over the outside of the door. A large “sitting area” with tons of pillows takes up a majority of the room. Directly to the left of the door sits a fish tank.

Speaking of the fish tank, I imagine our “competition/nomination view” on the live feeds will again be a fish tank—and I bet this is the command center for it.


Unfortunately, this is the room I remember least about (it may have to do with the fact that I consider the bathroom like an office conference room—it’s only a place for business). I do remember while washing my hands the countertop was white with a rectangular sink. Also, per normal, a small seating area sat right behind the sink.

One interesting note: It was very odd to use the bathroom in the Big Brother house. First, it goes without saying that it’s somewhat uncomfortable to be wearing a microphone while you’re “taking care of business.” Secondly, it’s also very weird to use the bathroom when the door doesn’t lock—I never thought about it while I was there, but I never knocked before entering!

HOH Room

When you travel up the yellow staircase, the second floor again has a wallpaper collage-like scene on it (I don’t quite remember what it was of). In the sitting area, a rounded purple sitting area again allows players to play chess—which at the time, was missing a chess piece (let’s hope they found it).

The HOH room did not seem a lot different to me this year. Similar to last season, a collage-like scene of a crowd at the beach filled one wall, with the same clever paneling in front of it. A few drape-like cloths hung out from this, which I thought was very weird (and apparently very hard to describe). A big white shag rug took up a lot of the floor, and a desk for a computer sat in the corner. Interestingly enough, our inquisitive group opened it to find a whole manicure/pedicure set inside of it—and being the shy bunch that we were… we used it.

Again, I don’t remember a lot about the HOH bathroom either, but together, both the room and bathroom definitely were elegant and something worth fighting for in the game.


The backyard looked very similar to last season. It had a mural that ran against the back wall—a summer, beach-like theme. The pool and hot tub were still there (and let me just say, the hot tub is A LOT smaller in person). The weight area was in its normal place, as were the washer, dryer, and pool table. The sitting area looked the same, with the same flower/ivy-like set-up on the wall behind the chairs.

Diary Room

The diary room was the coolest part of the house for me as a fan. My favorite part was… [Matt, you are not allowed to talk your about diary room sessions with other houseguests]. Well, it was worth a try… Needless to say, the area doesn’t look a whole lot different than last year. And I can tell you that I thought it got really toasty in there with all the lights!