Guess Who’s Back?! Houseguest Makes a Return on Big Brother 12 (Spoiler)

SPOILER ALERT: A previously evicted houseguest has made a return to the Big Brother 12 house.  Continue reading to find out WHO and WHY.

On Saturday afternoon, this week’s Head of Household, Brendon, visited his HOH room.  For the second week in a row, Pandora’s Box greeted the HOH.  Last week, Matt opened Pandora’s Box that gave him the Diamond Power of Veto but also unleashed Ragan as the new saboteur in the house.

This week, Brendon also opened Pandora’s Box.  He ended up being locked away with Pandora’s Box (possibly for 24 hours).  The second part of Pandora’s Box unleashed last week’s evicted houseguest, Rachel, back into the house.  She will LIKELY be staying in the house for 24 hours before she returns to the jury house.  So far she is causing plenty of drama as she talks to all of the houseguests.  She has already had fights with Ragan and Britney.

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