First Sight of New House in BB11 Commercial?

A new commercial began airing tonight on the CBS Television Network.  This new Big Brother 11 commercial is the first to feature sound bytes from Julie Chen.

This is the first commercial of the season that features Julie on camera.  But, we need your help deciding whether or not the background in the video is of the new studio.  Or is it a studio from one of the past seasons?


The summer’s most addictive show, Big Brother, is back.  12 strangers.  1 house.  Cameras record their every move 24/7.  Anything can happen.  It’s a new season with crazier twists and even more outrageous stunts.  The new Big Brother premiers Thursday, July 9th on CBS.

With the premiere of Big Brother 11 only about a week away, more and more commercials will continue to air.  Check back here at for the latest information.  Be sure to sign up for the live feeds by July 9th to save 25%.