Cassi Colvin: Big Brother 13 Eviction Interview

Each week, will bring you an exclusive post-eviction interview with the Big Brother 13 cast. After being evicted, we will ask the evicted houseguests YOUR questions. Read what Cassi had to say about her time in the house. Hi, Cassi, this is Matt Maynard from Your game came to a quick end last night after all your fellow houseguests voted you out. Where did it all go wrong for you?

Cassi: Although I didn’t begin to have the time to play the game that I had conceived in my head I wouldn’t say that I played a bad game or that I would do anything differently. I think my eviction was purely from circumstance and unfortunately personal issues within the house. I would have shaken things up if I had more time.

WLBB: If you could rewind time and get a second shot to play the game all over, what would you do differently?

Cassi: I wouldn’t play any differently. However, as cautious as I was from the start about what I said and who I said it to, I could have been more tight lipped during week one. I just didn’t expect the newbies to be so intimidated and so quick to flip towards the veterans. Because I was pretty outspoken and honest with everyone, I am afraid the other newbies saw this as an opportunity to use me as a scapegoat to further their own game.

WLBB: Obviously, Rachel holds a lot of bitterness toward you. She even took one last stab at you in her goodbye message. Let’s flip the tables and say Rachel was getting the boot. What would you say to her in a goodbye message?

Cassi: “Rachel, I could certainly go ugly with this message. However, that’s what makes you and I different. I hope that you can take this second opportunity on Big Brother to turn a mirror on yourself and figure out who it is that you are and how you want to portray yourself to those around you. And, hopefully when you look back on this show it won’t be with bitterness but openness to improve yourself. Goodbye.”

WLBB: Reflecting on the dynamic duos twist—do you think “the newbies” ever had a fair shot at going against the all-stars? Do you think a newbie can win the game?

Cassi: Although it certainly threw a wrench in the game and upped the difficulty level, a newbie certainly has the same chance at a win. If they put their fear and intimidation aside and realize what power moves need to be made to greater their chances down the road.

WLBB: Who would you say is playing a better game at the moment: Daniele, Porsche or Kalia? And, why?

Cassi: At this moment I don’t think anyone’s game is standing out. Unfortunately, although a lot of the newbies can talk a big game, I’m afraid very few have the audacity to make big moves. A lot of people are just trying to stay in the good graces of the veterans and each are feeling safe, but are all expendable to the veteran alliance and I hope they realize pretty quickly that they’ve got to start playing the game for themselves.

WLBB: Early on we predicted there might be a few sparks between you and Dominic—the two models. What are your thoughts on Dominic, and what do you think about his game play?

Cassi: I adore Dominic not only as a friend, but a great buddy, and will definitely have that friendship outside of the house but I don’t see any romantic chemistry. As far as his game play, he definitely has the attitude to go far, however, it’s a double edged sword – his general likability in the house and his friendship with me in the house make him a prime target. Because he is such a ham, I think a lot of people can’t get a good read on him as far as a serious game player.

WLBB: What part of the Big Brother game did you most under estimate?

Cassi: Being such a solid person in who I am and comfortable in my own skin, I didn’t expect to be broken down at any point. Although I never took the personal attacks too hard, it is certainly a constant mind war in the house.

WLBB: Besides Shelly, who are you are rooting for this season?

Cassi: Obviously Dominic. He’s a big heart and a sweet, gentle person and he absolutely deserves to be there.