Big Brother 16 Twist Reveal: Four Nominees, Two HOHs

Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen revealed details of this season’s twist during CBS’ The Talk.  Commercials have been touting the “most twisted season ever” and we learned there will be a Two Night Move-In Event. We’re learning a little more with Julie’s revelations about the “Battle of the Block.”

According to a CBS press release, the two night move-in special will feature two houseguests competing and winning the Head of Household.  This will occur each which with the HOH still receiving special privileges.  Each HOH will have to nominate two people for eviction.  However, CBS notes that earning HOH won’t necessarily guarantee safety for the winner.

There is a second twist entitled “Team America” in which the viewing audience will receive an interactive way to influence the game.

CBS Interactive Inc.
You can watch the houseguests and all of their crazy antics live and in real-time!

Additionally, the “Battle of the Block” will be introduced and will “dramatically shift” the power within the house each week.

“When the Houseguests learn about the new twists, they will need to throw out any pre-existing strategy if they want to survive in the game,” said Allison Grodner, Executive Producer of BIG BROTHER. “The new Battle of the Block competition will shake up the power in the house like never before. A Houseguest can go from zero to hero, or vice versa, every week!”

If you haven’t already seen video from inside the new house, head over to check out the house tour with Julie Chen.