Big Brother 12: Week 5 Endurance HOH Competition (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT: Continue reading for spoilers from Week 5’s Endurance Head of Household Competition and watch it live on the Big Brother 12 live feeds.

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ENDURANCE HOH COMPETITION UPDATES: (watch on the live feeds)

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  • Matt won the Endurance HOH Competition.
  • Ragan jumped off to give the HOH to Matt.
  • Ragan, Britney, Lane, Hayden, Kathy, Brendon, and Enzo are no longer in the competition.
  • The houseguests are spinning on a giant paint bucket. The last one remaining wins HOH and can change the game by opening Pandora’s Box.
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  • Endurance HOH competitions usually last several hours.


  • By a vote of 6 to 1, Kristen was evicted from the Big Brother 12 house.