Big Brother 12: Rachel Reilly Eviction Interview

Each week, will bring you an exclusive post-eviction interview with the Big Brother 12 cast.  After being evicted, we will ask the evicted houseguests YOUR questions.  Read what Rachel had to say about her time in the house.

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Brian Scheffler, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel… where to begin?! It’s safe to say that Brendon/Rachel fans are sad to see you go, but I think the non-Brenchel fans would agree that the game might be less exciting without you in the house. Come Thursday night, were you expecting to be evicted over Brendon?

Rachel Reilly: Yes and no. I thought that the houseguest would purposely do the opposite of what Brendon and I wanted because they don’t like me. I think they are terrified of a strong competitor this season.

Brian: I think it’s safe to say you would LIKE Brendon to win the Head of Household competition, but who do you THINK will win?

Rachel: I don’t know what the competition was. I hope that he does win. Whatever it is, I have total faith in him.

Brian: Now that Brendon isn’t with you, do you think the others will still target him next?

Rachel: For sure. 100%. They wanted both of us out. They were scared of us. They didn’t like us. They made us outsiders. I think that they will be happy to see us both out.

Brian: Tashab0128 on Twitter wants to know why you didn’t understand being a target since you were a couple and couples are usually targeted.

Rachel: Because if it was me I would want to be friends with a strong couple and in an alliance with a strong couple. I’m a competitor and I would want to align myself with other strong players. Couple or not, I’m not scared to play the game and I wouldn’t put a target on someone for being a couple.

Brian: SarahNicolexoxo on Twitter wants to know if you wished you would have kept you’re your romance under wraps more.

Rachel: No

Brian: Let’s play a quick game that I play with all the evictees: I’ll give you a houseguest name and you give me ONLY a couple of words to describe that person or finish that thought. Ready?

Brendon: Amazing, special, intelligent, my heart
Britney: Young, back-stabbing, fun, social
Enzo: fun, spirited, a character
Ragan: Arrogant, stubborn and emotional, whiner
Matt: Competitor, gameplayer, he got me!

Brian: OneFine_ebrady on Twitter asks “How could you beg Kathy for an apology when you did the same thing to Kristen the week before?”

Rachel: Kristen targeted me in a competition and wanted to evict me. I played Kathy in a POV and she was happy to beat me when I was at my lowest point in the game. I thought we were friends.

Brian: Worst part of Big Brother?

Rachel: Leaving

Brian: Best memory from house?

Rachel: Brendon

Brian: Biggest surprise?

Rachel: Leaving!

Brian: If you could do it all again. With what you know now, what would you do differently?

Rachel: Stay up till 8 AM practicing bowling.

Brian: Thanks for your time, Rachel. Enjoy the jury house and we’ll see you on TV on finale night!