Big Brother 12 Episode 1 Recap (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT: For those of you who live outside the Eastern and Central time zones, we’ll be updating you throughout the premiere episode of Big Brother 12.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 1 (Premiere) Recap

  • 5:53 The saboteur secretly padlocked the storage room door that contains all of their food.
  • 5:52 Andrew played some pranks on the Big Brother houseguests when the lights went out.
  • 5:51 The saboteur turned off all the lights in the house.
  • 5:45 Hayden wins the first Head of Household competition.
  • 5:43 Britney’s injury prevented her from competing.
  • 5:36 Britney severely injured her knee and Andrew, the podiatrist, didn’t help her.
  • 5:33 Monet wins $10,000.
  • 5:32 HGs must hold on to the giant hotdogs and pulley each other to the side. Prizes await them on the other side of the grill.
  • 5:31 For being the mascot and sitting out, Andrew is safe from the first eviction.
  • 5:30 Backyard is converted to a Big Brother BBQ with a grill and hotdogs.
  • 5:28 For HOH competition, Andrew sat out of the HOH competition due to an uneven number.
  • 5:21 If the saboteur makes it to week 5, they win $50,000. If they are evicted before then, they win nothing.
  • 5:20 Julie reveals there is a saboteur among them. The saboteur recorded a message for the other houseguests.
  • 5:09 The HGs are meeting and choosing their beds.
  • 5:07 The HGs are meeting each other for the first time outside the front door.
  • 5:02 We’re meeting the Hgs as they are abducted from their homes.
  • 5:01 It’s a house like no other! The episode has begun.