Big Brother 12: Annie Whittington Eviction Interview

Each week, will bring you an exclusive post-eviction interview with the Big Brother 12 cast.  After being evicted, we will ask the evicted houseguests YOUR questions.  Read what Annie had to say about her time in the house.

Reminder, was the first to break the news that ALL houseguests are being sequestered this season — possibly for a future twist in the game.  After all, it is Big Brother and we are to “expect the unexpected.”  Since Annie is being sequestered, we were not able to speak to her on the phone, but we did still submit questions via email (read below.

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Matt Maynard, We now know you’re the saboteur—you had us fooled! You told Julie it was difficult to play both the saboteur role and yourself. How would you do it differently if you had a second chance?

Annie: “I would not have played so hard so fast.  I would have not trusted Brendon as much as I did and ultimately that is what led to my demise in this game and the biggest reason why I am gone.  I should have laid low. Everyone thought I was trying to cut deals when in all actuality I was just being myself and trying to get to know people.”

Matt: You made a lot of promises to people when you were campaigning to stay. Truth be told, do you think you would have stayed true to these promises?

Annie: “I would have tried to be live up to my word and I think I could have, but you never know, it could have been tough.  I told Andrew I wouldn’t have put him up and I would not have.”

Matt: Talk about the dynamics of the house at this point. Do you feel there are any clear divisions or alliances?

Annie: “Yes, I know Britney, Monet and Kathy are in one.  And maybe Hayden made deal with Brendon and Rachel.  Everyone else seems to be swaying back and forth, but alliances are being made.”

Matt: Which people would you have tried to side with if you still remained in the game?

Annie: “Possibly Hayden.  Everyone in the house loves Hayden.  He could have pulled a couple more people over with him and we would have had a good thing.  Possibly Lane as well.”

Matt: Let’s say you didn’t get evicted this week and went on to win HOH, which two people would you put up and why?

Annie: “Brendon and possibly a pawn (I would have to think about who that would be).  The other Houseguests wanted Brendon out as well.”

Matt: Let’s play a quick game: I’ll give you a houseguest and you give me a couple of words to describe that person.

Andrew: Bizarre
Hayden: Boyish and Shy
Kristen: Brick wall
Matt: Corky and funny
Lane: Ridiculous and sweet
Rachel: Annoying

Matt: In your goodbye messages, you got a pretty harsh send off from Britney. Do you take it personally, or no? How do you respond to her personal attack?

Annie: “She does mean what she says and is very critical. I don’t judge people by exteriors…I love my sandals…but I do think she means what she says and her critical nature is very unappealing to me as a person.”