Big Brother 12: Andrew Gordon Eviction Interview

Each week, will bring you an exclusive post-eviction interview with the Big Brother 12 cast.  After being evicted, we will ask the evicted houseguests YOUR questions.  Read what Andrew had to say about her time in the house.

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Matt Maynard, What a memorable last speech! Talk about why you decided to lay it all out there like you did.

Andrew: Weren’t you sleeping for the first three weeks? It was time for someone to spice up the house.

Matt: For much of the game, many houseguests treated you like an outcast. Many thought you were the saboteur early on. Why do you think you were, at times, the “odd man out?”

Andrew: Not only was my abnormal behavior during the blackout proof to me being an outcast, my religious beliefs and personality created my loner attitude.

Matt: Julie revealed to you that Matt lied about his wife having a serious illness. What are your thoughts about that lie? Do you think that is going too far, or is that smart game play?

Andrew: You can use any tools you want in this game. I am never offended. If you can sleep with it, go ahead and use it.

Matt: You seemed to be on pretty good terms with Brendon—what are your game-related thoughts on both Brendon and Rachel?

Andrew: Brendon is a great player and great person. Rachel is an airhead. She will hopefully go out before Brendon.

Matt: Let’s play a quick game that I play with all the evictees: I’ll give you a houseguest or word/scenario and you give me ONLY a couple of words to describe that person or finish that thought. Ready?


Kristen: Fly off the handle
Britney: Princess
Lane: Bully and ignorant
Annie: Sloppy game player
Matt: In it too win it and schemer

Matt: Worst part of Big Brother?

Andrew: The dead time and finding something to do

Matt: Best memory from house?

Andrew: Walking into the house

Matt: Hottest houseguest?

Andrew: Unfortunately, I have to say it is Kristen. It is not Rachel.

Matt: Least favorite houseguest?

Andrew: I can’t be in a room with Rachel, but Matt I don’t like because he got me out of the house.

Matt: Biggest surprise?


Matt: Finally, let’s say you could do it all again. With what you know now, what would you do differently?

Andrew: Nothing. Maybe I would have tried to align with more people, but you never know in the house what will happen.

Matt: Thanks for your time, Andrew. You and your now infamous HOH competition “shorts” will be missed!