Big Brother 11 Media In-House Day Update

After spending twelve hours in the Big Brother 11 house, is prepared to share all of our juicy details.  For now, here’s a preview of what to expect.

On Monday, June 29th, will be sharing the details and video from our stay in the Big Brother 11 house on June 19th.  We’ll have a detailed story about the house and possible twist ideas.  Plus we’ll explain all of the details of the eleven other journalists who were locked in the house alongside WLBB.

Be sure to check back June 29th for the following information:

  • Who particpated in the media in-house day?
  • Who won the HOH and Veto challenges, who was nominated, and who was evicted?
  • Who went on slop?
  • Details on the appearances of the house and all the rooms (HOH, diary room, bedrooms, etc.)
  • Are any online rumors about the house correct?
  • Details of the new “green” and eco-friendly house

Post your comments below about what information you hope we reveal on June 29th.

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