Endurance HOH, Eviction 3, & Have/Have Not Details

SPOILER ALERT: After about four hours, the Endurance Head of Household competition came to an end.  Continue reading to see who won. Plus, see who the Have and Have Nots are this week.
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  • 6:30 Kevin is down
  • 6:45 Lydia and Ronnie are down
  • 6:46 Natalie is vomiting on the swings
  • 6:52 The swings have stopped rotating… for now
  • 6:53 Natalie is down
  • 6:57 They have begun swinging again… and it’s raining in the backyard!
  • 7:29 Jordan is down
  • 8:05 2+ hours in and Russell, Jeff, Chima, and Michele are still going strong
  • 8:11 Chima is down
  • 8:22 The houseguests have been allowed inside the house; Russell, Jeff, and Michele remain
  • 8:33 Michele is down; Russell and Jeff remain
  • 9:26 Jeff is down
  • 9:26 Russell won the Head of Household


  • When Jordan fell from the HOH competition, she chose an envelope that allowed her to choose the  Have and Have Nots
  • She drew Natalie, Jessie, and Kevin’s names from a hat
  • They are the Have Nots, effective immediately


  • Votes to evict Casey: Jeff, Ronnie, Natalie, Chima, Michele, Lydia, Kevin
  • Votes to evict Jordan: Russell
  • Casey has been evicted by a vote of 7-1
  • Julie announces that they have “graduated” and their cliques are no more
  • The “Coup d’etat” returns and allows America’s Choice to completely change the nominations at the last minute
  •  The Coup D’etat can be used within the next two weeks
  • The Endurance HOH competition has begun; watch live on the feeds right now