14 Houseguests on Big Brother 12 & First House Picture

Next week’s TV Guide Magazine features a single photo of the kitchen in the new Big Brother 12 house. The article also states that there will be 14 houseguests, which is one more than last season.

The TV Guide Article (photo below courtesy of TV Guide Magazine via RealityBBQ) confirms that there will be a Florida beach theme with “palm trees, tropical fish, and hot sexy colors.  Executive Producer Allison Grodner also suggests that several Big Brother superfans will be among the houseguests this season.  She also states that the game will be harder to play this season, which is likely because of the “Summer of Sabotage” twist we reported earlier.

Reminder: WeLoveBigBrother.com has been in the Big Brother 12 for Media In-House Day and will be bringing you all the details of the house on Wednesday.  Bits and pieces of information will probably surface before then, but check back for a complete list of things to look out for in the house on Wednesday!

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(photo courtesy of TV Guide Magazine via RealityBBQ)