Rumored 75-year-old grandfather confirmed

The rumored season 10 cast looks to be correct, after a confirmation by CBS of a 75-year-old grandfather.

The list (click here to view the list), which first leaked through an alleged insider posting on fan site RealityBBQ, included the man who will be the oldest houseguest in Big Brother USA history.

In a rundown of Tuesday’s early show, CBS gave a few details of the cast:

The new houseguests range from a 22 year old bodybuilder to a 75 year
old grandfather.

The official unveiling of the new group will take place on the CBS Early Show Tuesday morning tentatively just after 8:30 a.m. ET. spoke with rumored houseguest Keesha’s friends earlier this week. They say she is still out of contact and believe she too will be a contestant this summer.

Stay with for the official release of the new houseguests and Big Brother 10 house.