PHOTO: Official press pictures

Since the houseguests entered the house, several more press pictures have been distributed.

These pictures include pictures of the house, the backyard, Julie’s studio, and of course, the houseguests.  Take a look and enjoy these official CBS photos. The show starts tomorrow, so take some time to study the house and houseguests! More photos can always be found in our gallery.

97244_D0014.jpg 97244_D0004a.jpg 97267_D0086.jpg 97267_D0137.jpg 97267_D0146.jpg
97262_D0056.jpg 97262_D0028.jpg
97244_D0470.jpg 97244_D0442.jpg 97244_D0433.jpg 97244_D0426.jpg
97244_D0415.jpg 97244_D0396.jpg 97244_D0380.jpg 97244_D0358.jpg 97244_D0355.jpg 97244_D0333.jpg 97244_D0198.jpg
97244_D0253.jpg 97244_D0162.jpg 97244_D0226.jpg
97244_D0305.jpg 97244_D0288.jpg 97244_D0282.jpg