House Calls hosts answer OUR phone call!

On Friday, March 7, 2008, WLBB swapped roles with the hosts of House Calls. They’re used to taking your calls, but what happens when we take their call? We interviewed Gretchen and Bunky, the hosts of House Calls, which airs live on weekdays at 1pm ET / 10am PST on We talked about how YOU can get involved in their talk show! Plus, we spent some time chatting about their thoughts on this seasons twists and crazy houseguests. Gretchen and Bunky host the show every Friday and this crazy twosome will always spark up your Friday afternoon! Watch our interview below for the answers to the following questions and more!

What twist would Bunky like to see in the Big Brother house?
Would Gretchen ever be a contestant on Big Brother?
Why does Bunky think Big Brother is so addicting for the Big Brother fans?
What is Gretchen’s biggest fear with the cameras watching her 24/7?

Plus, Bunky wants YOU to join him for “Bunky Fridays” on House Calls!

House Calls YouTube page — submit your video responses!