Friends: Keesha may be a houseguest spoke with alleged houseguest Keesha’s friends, who all confirm she has been out of reach for more than a week.

The 29-year-old acting hopeful, first identified as a potential houseguest on fan site RealityBBQ Thursday, is no stranger to pursuing reality television shows.

“I did know that she was talking to someone out there about doing some type of brand new reality show,” her good friend Shane told WeLoveBigBrother, “but I guess that never panned out.”

Shane last spoke with Keesha early last week, but said his recent phone calls have not been returned.

“I left a message to give me a call back,” he said, “I didn’t know if she was at work or not, [and I] haven’t heard back.”

He adds this behavior is out of the ordinary.

“I have never known her phone to be shut off,” he said, “and it was when I tried to call her. And I am kind of thinking this too. So I think that would be really cool.”

Keesha’s friend Julie tells her attempts to reach the potential contestant have also been unsuccessful.

“She was home for a visit about a month ago,” she said, “since then [we’ve sent] only a couple text messages. I tried texting her last night, but she did not respond.”

Keesha’s friends agree she would be a good match for the show.

“Keesha is outgoing and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in,” Julie said.

“She is a total sweetheart,” Shane added. “Very bubbly, very down to earth. She’d give you the shirt off her back if she could.”

The official Big Brother 10 cast list is expected to be released Tuesday, July 8 on the CBS Early Show. Until then, fans and friends will wait and see if Keesha will have her chance at a potential $500,000.

Keesha facts:
– 29-years-old
– Has a boyfriend
– Moved to L.A. from Ohio to pursue acting
– Considered to be more liberal

Listen to the full phone interview with Keesha’s friend Shane below!