Fight Night on the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds

Tuesday night on the Big Brother 12 live feeds turned into an eventful night as several disagreements and full-blown fights erupted between several houseguests.The night began like any other on the live feeds with the houseguests sitting around outside chatting and playing pool.  Things quickly heated up when Rachel confronted Ragan and Britney because she felt they were avoiding her for several days — and they purposely have been.  The three remained calm, but it ended with Ragan telling Rachel he didn’t want to speak with her.  Rachel left the conversation crying and went to the Diary Room.

Brendon noticed that Rachel was upset and immediately confronted Ragan because he “made” Rachel cry.  At this point, it seems Brendon is trying to make himself get evicted by causing conflicts.  The argument then erupted between Ragan, Britney, and Brendon.  Some strong words and accusations were thrown around, but it made for an entertaining night on the live feeds!  Ragan ended up calling Brendon a “neanderthal”.  However,  Brendon had to correct Ragan’s pronunciation (the funniest part of the night).  This just fueled the fire because Britney erupted into laughter and imitated Brendon’s walk.  Brendon then got into it with Britney, which lasted for a couple minutes.  After Brendon’s attacks at Britney, she replied “no wonder your family doesn’t support you … you humiliate them.”

You can re-watch this fight with the 24/7 live feeds.  Just use the included “Flashback” feature to rewind to August 10th at 10:14pm on the Quad Camera.  My guess is that you will want to watch it a few times.  It is more fun to watch each time!

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