Breaking: Houseguest leaves Big Brother 13 house (Spoiler)

SPOILER ALERT: Continue reading to find out who left the Big Brother 13 house on the night of the premiere.

On the night of the Big Brother 13 premiere, the live feeds turned on at 10pm Big Brother Time.  One thing the live feed viewers noticed right away was the absence of Dick in the house.  As the night went on, the houseguests started to worry because he went into the Diary Room about four hours before the live feeds started.  By the early morning hours, Dick had been missing for more than six hours.

Eventually, Daniele, his daughter, was called to the Diary Room and informed that Dick has left the game due to personal reasons.  No other information is available at this time.

As a result of her duo leaving the game, Daniele now carries a Golden Key.  The Golden Key will give her a “free pass” until there are only 10 houseguests remaining in the game.

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