Big Brother 12: First “Showmance” of the Season (Spoiler)

Posted on: Friday, July 9, 2010 at 6:15pm

SPOILER ALERT: The houseguests have only been living in the Big Brother 12 house for six days and at least one “showmance” has already formed.  On the very first night of the live feeds, the first showmance was discovered.

A lot happened on the first night of the live feeds, including the discovery of a showmance between nominees Rachel and Brendon.  If you have the live feeds, you can “Flashback” to July 9th at 2:36pm on Camera 1 to watch Rachel and Brendon getting cozy in the “cabana” room.  If you don’t already have the live feeds and the Flashback feature, you can give it a test drive for THREE days for free!  Read more about the 24/7 live feeds or start watching right away!

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