Big Brother 12: Britney Haynes Eviction Interview

Each week, will bring you an exclusive post-eviction interview with the Big Brother 12 cast.  After being evicted, we will ask the evicted houseguests YOUR questions.  Read what Britney had to say about her time in the house.

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Brian Scheffler, Britney, on Wednesday’s episode we saw a tearful exit from the Big Brother house.  Would you attribute most of the tears to being evicted by the secret alliance of the Brigade?

Britney: No – I think I was upset that the game was over for me in general. It was a very emotional experience. I regret crying so much.

Brian: Would you have been so shocked and upset by the Brigade’s announcement if it didn’t involve your best friend in the house, Lane?

Britney: Yes – I would still have been shocked because I felt close with Enzo and Hayden as well. I knew all of the guys were very close.

Brian: @manderzduh on Twitter asks: Do you feel that if you had known about the Brigade earlier it would/could have gotten you farther in the game?

Britney: No because at the end I was left to defend myself.

Brian: Do you believe Lane really wanted to take you to the final two?  And would you have wanted to be up against him in the final two?

Britney: Yes – I do believe that he wanted to take me to the final two. I would have wanted to be up against him versus anyone else in the house. I’m not saying I would have had a definite win but I think I would have had a strong argument.

Brian: Did you have any suspicions that the Brigade existed or that Lane was in another alliance?

Britney: Yes – I knew they were extremely tight. However, I did always feel that Lane’s true loyalty was with me.

Brian: Speaking of secrets, who are you top two candidates for who you think the Saboteur was?  And who would surprise you the most as being the Saboteur?

Britney: Matt or Kathy. My bets are with Matt. I would be shocked if it were Enzo.

Brian: @cattm on Twitter asks: Do you have any regrets not trying to keep Ragan when you said he was your dear friend?

Britney: No – I know now that it would have been entirely impossible. There was no way he was going to stay.

Brian: We all know you CAN’T WAIT to see Rachel in the jury house.  Are you glad you only have to spend one week living there?

Britney: Yes. That is the best part. I’m sure the reunion feelings are mutual.

Brian: Let’s play a quick game that I play with all the evictees: I’ll give you a houseguest name and you give me ONLY a couple of words to describe that person or finish that thought. Ready?

Enzo: hilarious
Ragan: amazing
Hayden: good-hearted
Lane: best friend
Rachel: ewww
Monet: I miss her

Brian: Thanks for your time, Britney. Enjoy the jury house and we’ll see you in the backyard on finale night for press interviews!