Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 2: The Competition correspondent Katie Neal spent 12 hours in the Big Brother 11 house.  Be sure to first read her detailed description of the entire Big Brother 11 house in Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 1: The New BB11 House.

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This video from correspondent Katie Neal was taped soon after she left the Big Brother 11 house and is a detailed description of the competitions and game play on media day.  For her detailed account of the new Big Brother 11 house, go back to Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 1: The New BB11 House.

Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 2: The Competition’s Katie Neal:
Everyone who entered the house with me was really nice. The people I enjoyed the most were Rosanna and Carrie.  We all spent a lot of time together.  Nobody really split off by themselves.  However, Gunther was really strange.  Within five minutes of being in the house and exploring each room, we turned around and Gunther was wearing a leather suit and has a leather strap around him… not to mention his leather hat and boots.  It was really strange and he ended up wearing that the entire day.

Our first competition was the Head of Household competition.  We played the HOH game “Majority Rules.”  They would ask us questions about the other houseguests and the twist is that we couldn’t answer what we thought the correct answer was.  Instead, we had to answer with who we thought the majority of the house would answer.  It was hard because we each thought we knew the “correct” answer but you had to think about if everyone else would know the same answer.  So we had to guess how the majority of the house would answer.  One of the questions was about Gunther and asked what he liked more about being on Craig Ferguson’s show.  Option A was “Kilt Fridays” and option B was “meeting a lot of famous people.”  I guessed that Gunther liked to hang out with famous people, but I should have known he had a thing for Kilt Fridays.  Another question asked “who is more likely to go topless in the Big Brother pool?”  Option A was me (Katie) and option B was Melissa.  That question had a split vote, 3-3.  Thanks guys!  Reagan won the final round of Majority Rules and became Head of Household.

After the HOH competition, we went in the house and Reagan had to nominate two people for eviction.  We didn’t know who he was going to nominate because we hadn’t been in the house that long.  Eventually we had the nomination ceremony and Reagan nominated Jen and Jay.

One of the first things Reagan had to do as HOH was put four people on Big Brother Slop.  He had us all sit in the living room and plead our case as to why we should not be put on slop.  It was funny because as soon as Dennis stood up and opened his mouth, Reagan shut him down and told him to sit down because he was going on slop.  Dennis didn’t even get a chance to plead his case.  I chose an emotional approach and asked Reagan how he would feel if he had to put his two dogs on slop.  I guess it paid off that we discussed his dogs earlier in the day.  Melissa’s excuse for avoiding slop was that she had low blood sugar and she would be a cranky bitch if she didn’t eat regular food.  Reagan must have wanted to see a cranky bitch because he put Melissa on slop.  Stella and Gunther were also placed on slop.  Reagan actually felt so bad that he put himself on slop as well.  Everyone ended up giving it a taste-test.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it was just tasteless.  It was basically slimy oatmeal.

After the nominations, Reagan spent a lot of time in the Diary Room.  Eventually, he came out and was wearing a pink scarf and a strange hat with a propeller on top.  He told us we need to “get our heads out of the clouds.”  We all entered the storage room where we found matching propeller hats and scarves.  We were instructed to find someone we trusted and choose them as a partner.  Carrie was right next to me so we looked at each other and become teammates.  We became the purple team for the Veto Competition.  Reagan was paired with Jen, Rosanna was with Jay, Dennis and Gunther were together, Ben and Stella paired up, and Ann and Melissa were paired off.

When the back door was opened, a blue tarp was all over the ground.  There were tables that had white fluffy stuff that looked like clouds.  Each team had to stand on buckets and pick up two pies at a time.  Each team had to use their buckets one at a time to “walk across the sky” while alternating partners one in front of the other.  Carrie and I were on our second trip when we saw Jen and Reagan get to the finish.  When you got to the end, you were supposed to pie yourself in the face.  Jen actually jumped forward and pied herself in the face because she really wanted to save herself from eviction.

After the Veto competition, there were four extra pies off to the side.  We were told that the four people who were placed on slop had the chance to get a slop pass.  Each person chose one of the four pies.  One of the pies had a slop pass inside, but each member had to pie themselves to reveal if their pie had the pass inside.  At the last second, Stella backed out and didn’t pie herself in the face.  Of course, her pie actually had the hidden slop pass!

Later on, Power of Veto winner Jen ended up removing herself from the chopping block.  That meant that HOH, Reagan, had to nominate a replacement for Jen.  Reagan nominated Gunther because he wanted to see Gunther wearing his ridiculous outfit in one of the nominee chairs.

Gunther didn’t have a lot of time to campaign.  About 10 minutes after the Veto Ceremony, we were called to the Diary Room to place our votes for eviction.  I stuck to my agreement with Jay that I would save him.  So I had to vote to evict Gunther.  He ended up being evicted by a vote of five to four.

After he was evicted, Gunther was instructed to get up and leave the house.  But he forgot which door he came in and he tried to leave via the storage room.  The producers had to come over the speaker and tell him to leave through the front door.

This year for the media in-house day, the producers gave us an incentive to play our hardest.  We were informed before we entered the house that the best player would win $500.  At the end of the game, we had to vote which houseguest played the best.  I voted for Reagan and he ended up winning this special prize.

If someone told me I had to do this again for 12 hours, there would have to be some bribery involved.  It was a really cool experience, but man, even being in there for 12 hours you get bored out of your mind.  We were only in there for 12 hours, but it felt more like a week.  Now if someone told me I was going to live there for three months, I would likely say absolutely not because after only 12 hours, I felt like I was losing my mind.  I can now understand why everyone who goes in there starts to go crazy so quickly.

Thanks for reading about my experience in the Big Brother 11 house for  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and Ill do my best to answer!

Katie Neal Correspondent

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