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Posted on: Friday, January 1, 2010 at 9:52am

If you’re only watching the TV episodes, you’re missing half of the Big Brother experience!  Test-drive the Big Brother 12 live feeds FREE for 3 days and see all the crazy antics from the house that they can’t show you on TV!

Join thousands of other Big Brother fans by keeping up-to-date with all the house happenings with the live feeds.  There are two subscription options and both include a 3-day free trial before you commit.  The best value is the full season for $39.99.  The other option is to pay monthly at $14.99.  Both give you unrestricted access to 4 live video streams from inside the house, available on your computer 24/7.  You can sign up for both options here at

Watch Big Brother 12 on SuperPass!
You can watch the houseguests and all of their crazy antics live 24/7 online! Be sure to sign up for the 24/7 live feeds right here to get a live and uncensored view inside the house.  After your 3-day free trial, its only $39.99 for the entire season!

OTHER BONUSES. Not only are you getting access to the live feeds, but you can re-watch your favorite Big Brother 10 and 11 moments with the exclusive Flashback feature.  In addition, you get $10 worth of FREE MP3s per month at no extra cost — just remember to use them!

FIND THE SABOTEUR. With the live feeds, you’ll be able to potentially find out who the Big Brother Saboteur is before it is revealed on Thursday, July 15th.  Watch the feeds and you might discover who the Saboteur is!

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER. Whether or not you sign up for the live feeds, consider following @wlbb on Twitter for breaking Big Brother news and exclusives throughout the summer.

— Full Season – $39.99 for three months – available here
— Monthly
– $14.99 per month – available here
— Both options include a 3-day free trial
Sign up today!


  • Janelle from BB6 and All-Stars. Remember Janelle?  She’ll be joining the Big Brother SuperPass team to enhance your experience this summer.  More details to come — plus maybe even someone else?!?!
  • Chelsia from BB9. Chelsia will once again be involved in the SuperPass experience this year with live video chat shows.
  • Flashback . Last season a feature called Flashback was introduced to allow subscribers to “rewind” to a specific moment on the live feeds to watch the most exciting events over and over.
  • Web-based viewing. You will now be able to watch the live feeds in a web browser instead of using RealPlayer.
  • Live events almost every day. Video call in shows and exclusive chats will be available for Big Brother 12 live feed subscribers.
  • $10 a month of FREE music downloads. If you download music AND like Big Brother, keep in mind you get $10 per month of free music downloads on SuperPass.



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