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Showtime shows some Big Brotherly love
Posted: 0108/2008 4:47 PM PST  |  Posted by Brian

CBS and Showtime have announced that Big Brother: After Dark will return for Big Brother 9.  Starting on February 12th at 12am ET/PT, viewers will be able to tune into SHO2 to see a live three-hour feed for the Big Brother's first winter edition.


CBS Press Release: "Big Brother: After Dark will feature a live television feed from the "Big Brother" house for three hours (12:00-3:00 AM, ET/PT), seven days a week, on the cable network's SHO2 multiplex channel beginning Tuesday, February 12th at 12:00 AM ET/PT.  The announcement was made today by Robert Greenblatt, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc.


"Big Brother: After Dark was a big success for us at bringing an audience to very late night time periods on SHO2.  This began as an experiment with our friends at Endemol and CBS, and I'm happy that it worked so well for all of us," said Greenblatt.  "I'm amazed at how much curiosity there is about what goes on in the Big Brother house after the lights are out, but what better place to present that than on SHOWTIME where we have a lot of on-air real estate in the wee hours of the morning."

Rare and unseen Big Brother 8 exclusive video
Posted: 12/30/2007 11:47 PM ET  |  Posted by Brian

While preparing WeLoveBigBrother.com for Big Brother 9, I stumbled upon some exclusive videos that we obtained last year before Big Brother 8 premiered.  Some of the video is previously unseen and some is very rare.  Take a look at the videos below and be sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube to receive an update when we add new videos for Big Brother 9!


Exclusive House Tour with Julie Chen (unseen)

Interview with Executive Producer Allison Grodner (portions unseen)

Interview with Julie Chen (portions unseen)

Exclusive Audio Interview with Allison Grodner

Exclusive Audio Interview with Robyn Kass (casting director)

Houseguest Interviews Pre-BB8 (portions unseen)

CBS News Story

Exclusive Houseguest Eviction Interviews


All of our videos can be found at http://www.youtube.com/welovebigbrother!


Casting Director confirms finalists have been chosen
Posted: 12/28/2007 12:37 PM ET  |  Posted by Brian

Robyn Kass, the Casting Director of Big Brother, has confirmed via her MySpace that the finalists have been chosen and notified for Big Brother 9.

Her statement is as follows:

BB9 finalists....
Thanks, once again, to everyone who auditioned for BB9! We had a fantastic turn out and the decisions were tough.
This is to inform you that all BB9 finalists have been contacted already. If you did not receive a call remember.... just because you're not right for the mix this season doesn't mean you won't be right for the next season. Don't give up! Thanks for your support of the show!
Big Brother - Casting Director

First Big Brother 9 commercial hits the airwaves
Posted: 12/16/2007 11:08 PM ET  |  Posted by Brian

The first commercial promoting the premier of Big Brother 9 has hit the CBS Television Network.  The 30 second commercial pumps up the February 12th premier. Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Big Brother 9 premiers February 12th on CBS
Posted: 12/06/2007 8:02 PM ET  |  Posted by Brian

WeLoveBigBrother.com has confirmed that Big Brother 9 will premier on February 12th at 9pm on CBS.

Big Brother 9 casting calls press release
Posted: 11/15/2007 9:02 PM ET  |  Posted by Brian

In an effort to get the word out about the new, early version of Big Brother, CBS has issued a press release regarding upcoming auditions.  Please see the press release below.


Emmy Award Winner Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan Return as Executive Producers

CBS has announced that nationwide casting for BIG BROTHER 9 will take place at locations around the country between Saturday, Nov. 17 and Saturday, Dec. 8 (see below for locations). In addition, applications are now being accepted online at CBS.com for the ninth installment of the reality series which will be broadcast in 2008 on dates to be announced. Julie Chen will return as host for Big Brother 9 and the series will once again be executive produced by Emmy Award winner Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, in association with Endemol U.S.A.

BIG BROTHER 9 will follow a group of strangers living together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One by one, the houseguests will vote each other out of the house until at the end of three months, the last remaining houseguest will win the grand prize.

For dates and locations, click here.

Big Brother 9 in February confirmed
Posted: 11/09/2007 4:37 PM ET  |  Posted by Brian

According to an interview at TVGrapevine.com, Robyn Kass, the casting director of Big Brother, has confirmed that BB9 will launch in February.


Robyn says, "We are casting with the thought in mind that the house guests would move into the house during the first week of February."

The entire article can be read here.

WeLoveBigBrother.com Exclusive Interview with Dick and Daniele Donato
Posted: 09/19/2007 11:48 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

On the morning after their eviction, WeLoveBigBrother.com spoke to the winner and runner-up of Big Brother 8, Daniele and Dick Donato.

Dick tells us that he was positive he would be entering the house with his daughter, Daniele.  The two talk about their favorite experiences and send thank you messages to YOU, the fans!

Click here to listen to the interview.  Enjoy!

Janelle chats with live feed subscribers; BB8 feeds to repeat for three months
Posted: 09/03/2007 01:03 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

If you're a true Big Brother addict, you won't want to miss a webcam chat with Janelle this coming Wednesday.  You'll be able to submit questions for Janelle and watch her responses if you subscribe to Real Network's SuperPass.  If you're not already signed up, click here and you will be able to watch the 24/7 feeds, as well as Janelle's webcam chat on Wednesday.

We also just learned that once again, immediately following the conclusion of this season, Real Networks will be streaming the live feeds in their entirety from beginning to end.  If you missed an important or entertaining moment on the live feeds, be sure you stay signed up for SuperPass, or sign up today to continue watching Big Brother, even after the finale!

Pictures of Dani and Amber on Power of 10 
Posted: 08/23/2007 11:30 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Big Brother's Daniele and Amber competed on the Power of 10 earlier this week. Catch the entire episode Tuesday, August 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Click a thumbnail below to view full image:

Jen loses it; earns first penalty vote 

Posted: 08/21/2007 04:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Following Monday's veto ceremony, Jen's anger turned into rule-breaking behavior, earning her the first Big Brother penalty vote in the show's history.

It all started as a result of the veto ceremony where Daniele, who won the power Sunday, chose to remove Amber from the block and put Jen up as her replacement.

Jen, who was completely caught off guard with this move, showed her disgust with Dick and Daniele by destroying Dick's cigarettes.

Later, she was seen eating a turkey burger and several other things, breaking her slop diet.

Initially, Jen said Big Brother reprimanded her  by giving her a penalty nomination. 

Tuesday, Dick said Jen instead would receive a penalty vote. Under this punishment, she will automatically receive one vote against her for Thursday's eviction.

Tuesday morning, Jen continued to break the terms of her slop diet as she was seen eating grapes. Several of the houseguests voiced their opinions saying this was poor game play and unfair.

It is important to note that Amber and Daniele missed all of the drama, as they were both out of the house all night enjoying an overnight trip as part of their veto reward.

A little surprise wakes the houseguests  

Posted: 08/15/2007 04:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

The houseguests awoke Wednesday to several uninvited visitors including a little man dressed as the mad hatter, for a purpose CBS said will be revealed on Thursday's live show.

The man, wearing cards on his hat and a warped clock around his neck, ran around the house repeating several phrases. 

The phrases included: "There is no little enemy," "A snitch in time saves nine, "What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive," "Three people can keep a secret if two are dead," and "Fish and visitors stink after three days."

Big Brother then told the houseguests the time, 12:36:47, and the group was led outside to find a man on stilts and a barber shop quartet. 

The stilt-walker repeated the following: "It is not enough to succeed, others must fail," "And after all what is a lie, it is the truth in masquerade," and "Always drink upstream from the herd."

The quartet sang two songs entitled, Goodbye, My Life in the Real World and Hello, My Houseguests.

After a short blackout of the feeds, the houseguests were led back inside to find three bunny rabbits on the kitchen table and a man dressed like a statue.

The rabbits were wearing cards around their necks -- a five of diamonds, nine of clubs and an ace of hearts.

The man dressed like a statue was switching between several poses including: angry, archer, secret, frustrated, surprise and thinker.

At this point, it seems these events will have to do with a trivia Head of Household competition. 

America decides if the pawn will get played  

Posted: 08/14/2007 09:50 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

The results of the America's Player vote could leave the confident pawn, Dustin, with a surprise exit out the front door Thursday.

At this point, if America would instruct Eric to vote out Dustin, the only other vote Dick would have to secure would be Jen. This, assuming Dick would have Daniele and Zach in a vote of 4 to 3.

Before the veto ceremony, Dustin conveyed his confidence about staying.

"Being the arrogant person I am," Dustin explained to the LNC members, "I would just go up because I know I would stay." 

Monday, the houseguests celebrated the halfway point in the game with a party thrown by Big Brother. 

The person voted out Thursday will be the first member of the jury.

Daniele dodges eviction; Dustin up against Dick  

Posted: 08/13/2007 07:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Dick, winner of Saturday's veto power, chose to save Daniele Monday evening, leaving Jessica to put up Dustin as the replacement nominee.

After a long chat in the HoH room late Sunday, the Late Night Crew (LNC) decided that this was the best move for the group.

As a back-up, the group planned to put up Jen on the block if Dick decided to use the power on himself. And therefore, they would vote out Daniele.

Eric did not attend the late LNC meeting, as he faked a sickness trying to complete his latest America's Player task which was to ignore Jessica.

"You should know," he said out loud to America, "that you caused me a chance to stay up there alone with [Jessica] and spend the night. Which would have been beneficial in many many ways. But fine. Off to bed."

Dick spent much of Monday evening explaining to the houseguests he offended the reason for his behavior.

"I had to do anything and everything I could in order to make each and every one of you hate me so ** much," he explained to Jameka. "There was a reason [for what I did]. I would have done anything for [Daniele] and I will do anything for her."

Could the vote backfire on Dustin? As of Monday, he remained positive he will be staying in the house.

The "friends" work to break up the family 

Posted: 08/11/2007 12:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Newly crowned Head of Household Jessica nominated father and daughter combo Dick and Daniele Friday evening for eviction.

Later in the day, Daniele told Dustin she was not surprised at her targeting.

"Did I know I was going up on the block today," Daniele asked rhetorically. "Of course I did. It would be stupid not to. It is what it is. That's that. Each day in this house is a new day."

Dustin said she was put in the hot seat because of the way she is perceived by the association with her dad, Dick.

"Like I said to you before, the way at which you continue to spend time with him and you don't stop him," he said, "it's almost like you're condoning his behavior."

Daniele said that was a ridiculous conclusion as she is not responsible for her dad's actions.

"If you want to take it out on me, if you don't want to talk to me because of things he says, that's a personal problem," she said. "I don't feel guilty, it's not me. He's his own person. It's not my problem. And no, it's not condoning it. It's not getting involved because it has nothing to do with me."

The Power of Veto competition will take place sometime Saturday.

The biggest blow-up of the season 

Posted: 08/08/2007 06:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Move over Dick. In what is being called the biggest blow-up of the season, Amber held nothing back when she called Eric out in front of the whole house Wednesday.

Amber, who had promised her vote to Eric earlier this week, said she regretted swearing on her daughter's life to keep him.

With most of the houseguests gathered in the living room and the rest in the kitchen, Amber let it all come out.  

"You made [Nick] look like he was doing everything wrong, when it was ** you," Amber screamed. "Nick is home with his ** family, when he should be here because he's a good person. He should be here in the good person's group, not you!"

Eric sat across from her and said nothing.

"You're ** going home," she yelled. "I ** hate you!"

When the storm blew over, Eric sat down with Daniele in the Head of Household room to discuss this week's events. He continued his lies hoping he may be able to sway her judgement.

"I did not cast those votes," he said. "I did not put the mustard on Jen's pillow. I hate mustard."

Daniele seemed unconvinced and told Eric to blame his nomination on her. She went on to say it was nothing personal, as it's only a game and she felt he is one of the strongest players. 

Amber: "I swore on my daughter's life" 

Posted: 08/08/2007 12:30 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

After swearing on her daughter's life that she would vote to keep Eric, Amber tried to convince Dustin Tuesday to vote to evict Eric.

Amber said she wanted Eric out because she felt he was untrustworthy.  

She also told Dustin if he votes to keep Kail, he may be able to get back on good terms with Evel Dick.

"I was thinking," she whispered to Dustin, "if you went and told Dick, 'Look, if I vote to get rid of Eric,' and made yourself look good, he wouldn't come after you. It would be like you were getting in good with them."

Dustin did not seemed convinced and said very little.

Amber said if Eric remains in the game, as a result, she thinks they will be the next targets.

CBS orders one banner pilot to stop 

Posted: 08/06/2007 05:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

According to TMZ.com, lawyers for Endemol USA, Inc. have sent a cease and desist letter to a pilot CBS said tried to ruin the Big Brother game.

Endemol alleges Jerry Hider of Blue Yonder Air flew an airplane over the Big Brother house with a banner that essentially would give away game and twist information.

Hider told TMZ he was not trying to ruin the game, rather he was simply following through with a paid job. He would not release the name of the person who hired him to complete the job.

In a statement to TMZ, CBS wrote, "It's always great to have fans that are this engaged and passionate about 'Big Brother.' However, we also need to protect the integrity of the competition, which does not allow any outside influence on the houseguests who are sequestered from the public broadcast and therefore unaware of some of the secret twists in the show."

For more on the story, visit TMZ.com.

Jen to hop out of the hot seat yet again 

Posted: 08/05/2007 02:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Jen again guaranteed her safety for another week Saturday, winning the golden power of veto and setting into motion Daniele's plan to backdoor America's Player, Eric.

The veto competition, which in the end required Jen to give up half of her winnings at the end of the season, seemed to involve a "punishment bidding."

Daniele, Jen, Kail, Jameka, Dustin and Zach competed. 

As a result of the competition, Daniele, Kail, Jen and Zach were required to wear bunny costumes for the rest of the week, similar to the red unitard deal with Jen earlier this season.

Other punishments included: Kail and Jen being on slop for the next 30 days; Jameka and Kail losing their ability to compete in the next five Head of Household competitions; and all the competitors except Kail were required to dump a bucket of "funky gunk" on their heads once every hour for 24 hours.  

Following the competition, Daniele told Jen about the plan to kick out Eric. 

"Eric's the smartest person in this house," she said. "Eric's watched every single season, [he] knows every single detail about everything. And he knows how it works. He knows everything about this game. He's so smart and so rational. Everything that he says up here, he convinces everybody. And it's not the group consensus, it's what Eric planted in everybody's head." 

Third time's the charm for Kail and Jen 

Posted: 08/03/2007 10:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Kail and Jen are again in the hot seats for the third straight week following Friday evening's nomination ceremony.

Newly crowned Head of Household, Daniele, chose the two, but before nominations she told Kail not to worry.

"I'm not going to backdoor anybody," she reassured Kail. "I'm giving everyone a fair chance. And if you win the veto, I want you to use it on yourself to take yourself off just incase. I don't want my dad to try and change people's opinions or votes. And that way, you're safe for sure."

After learning about Eric being the mysterious vote for two weeks straight, the real plan, which Daniele did not reveal to Kail, is to try and backdoor America's Player, Eric. 

According to the plan, if either Kail or Jen win veto and save themselves, Eric will be the replacement nominee.

If neither Kail or Jen win, the nominations will remain the same and the house will vote out Jen.

Daniele hangs on to be victorious 

Posted: 08/02/2007 12:00 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

With the anger of Nick's eviction in the back of her mind, Daniele held on tight to become the fifth Head of Household Thursday.

The season's first endurance competition encountered one major problem after a airplane banner flew over the house. 

This time the houseguests did see the banner which read, "We Love Nick. Amber & Eric lie. LNC [Late Night Crew] is the Nerd Herd." 


Once all distractions were over, the houseguests apparently dropped off quickly. The competition came down to Daniele, Kail and Jen.

Jen was disqualified after touching the bar, which was against the rules. 

Shortly after, Daniele boldly told Kail that she could be there all night. With this in mind, Kail made a deal with Daniele to get down if she was safe from nomination. Daniele agreed and Kail stepped down, becoming the new HOH.

Since winning HOH, Dick and Daniele have figured out that Eric was the liar and the mysterious vote.

Dick and Daniele onto Eric? 

Posted: 08/01/2007 12:00 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

America's Player, Eric, has been working for you behind the scenes, but could father and daughter "enemies" Dick and Daniele soon stumble upon his secret?   

Early Wednesday morning the two were discussing the fact that something seemed suspicious about Eric.

Dick mentioned that Eric seemed to be knowledgeable about a topic he had discussed in the diary room, leaving him to ask why. 

While Dick didn't seem to be onto anything, Daniele's questions seemed to be very close.

"What are you insinuating," Daniele asked Dick, "That people are getting information?"

Daniele also questioned whether Eric was the mustard graffiti artist.

Will the pair be able to piece it together?

On a side note, it is rumored that the houseguests will compete in an endurance challenge to become the next Head of Household Thursday. 

The competition will follow the fourth eviction of either Kail or Nick.

While it remains uncertain how each houseguest will vote, WLBB is making an early prediction that America's Player, Eric, will vote to evict Kail.

Evel douses Jen after she insults Daniele 

Posted: 07/31/2007 12:00 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Dick poured his glass of iced tea over Jen's head Monday night following an evening of heavy insulting between the two.    

The intimation battle, which has become a daily ritual for Jen and Dick, was a result of the veto ceremony in which Jen was removed from the block and Nick was put up in her place.

Dick, who started the ordeal, called Jen several names and spouted numerous hate comments including telling her that he hoped she choked on her slop.

After taking it for a while, Jen responded with her own insults, bringing Daniele into the mix, saying she was not the one cheating on her boyfriend on national television.

As a result, Dick walked behind Jen and poured his drink over top of her head.

Nick also played a part in the taunting match telling Jen that no one liked her and she should go home.

Nick sports the nomination mohawk 

Posted: 07/30/2007 05:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Nick was put up on the block alongside Kail Monday following the Power of Veto ceremony.    

Jameka, as planned before the competition, used the veto power on Jen, leaving Dustin to follow through with his plan to put up Nick.

At this point, the plan is to vote Nick out of the house Thursday.

Nick took the news very well, as he knows he will be the one kicked out on eviction day. He said there are no hard feelings between he or Dustin.

He said he wants to spend his last days in the house enjoying his time with Daniele.

Following the ceremony, Nick started shaving his head into a mohawk. Dustin later helped him complete the process. 

America's Player would do that for a dollar 

Posted: 07/29/2007 05:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

America's Player, Eric, began planting the seed to complete his next task Sunday night by starting a new catch phrase created by viewers. 

The catch phrase selected was "I'd do that for a dollar." 

Eric introduced it to Dick first by saying he wanted to get back at Amber for her ridiculous expressions. 

"What I've decided," he explained, "is that I would just concoct an expression that had no meaning whatsoever, no story behind it, nothing funny about it, just flat out irritating like hers. Just start saying it repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly until other people starting saying it." 

Dick thought the expression was funny and said he would start using it.

Will it be the next "awkward" or just plain unsuccessful? 

Jameka wins and will use veto, Nick to go up 

Posted: 07/28/2007 03:00 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Tensions rose Saturday when Jameka won the power of veto, as she openly planned to rescue Jen from being nominated based on a deal made before the competition.

According to the houseguests' accounts, the competition involved answering trivia questions and being able to get prizes with points awarded from correct answers.

The competition reportedly came down to Dustin, Jameka and Jen when Dustin opted to take $5,000 and a trip to Barbados, rather than the veto.

With both Jen and Jameka left, and since Jen knew she would be saved by Jameka, the other houseguests said Jen threw the competition.

Following the competition, Amber was crying and upset that Jameka was going to save Jen. Amber was also mad that Dustin took the prizes rather than the veto.

The late night crew alliance (Jessica, Jameka, Eric, Dick, Dustin and Amber) all concluded that they will put Nick up this week. It was obvious that America's Player, Eric, was pushing for Nick to leave.

Jen appears in tears after nominations 

Posted: 07/27/2007 10:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Jen held back the tears Friday evening following the nomination ceremony where she and Kail were left keyless.  

"I wouldn't think he would put me up," Jen explained to Nick in the bathroom. "I would never think to put [Dustin] up. I don't get it"

While Nick consoled Jen simply with encouragement, Amber reported an exaggerated form of this to Dustin, claiming this was just yet another sign that Nick is playing both sides.

Dustin said the plan is to get out Jen this week, however if she gets off, Nick will be put up in her place. Dustin told Kail she is strictly a pawn. Dustin's original plan was to back door Zach.

These events follow a long night of bad-mouthing Nick as most of the houseguests wrongly believe Nick was the second vote to evict Kail on Thursday. In fact, America's Player, Eric, was responisble.

Will this wrong information lead to Nick's demise?

Dick to Daniele: Everyone wants Nick gone 

Posted: 07/26/2007 2:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

In a conversation before the live show Thursday, Dick told Daniele that everyone wants Nick gone this week. 

Dick explained that he, Jessica, Eric, Amber, Dustin and Jameka all want Nick out and feel that Daniele will be stronger once he is evicted from the house.

"Once Nick is gone, that thing, that whole piece of non-trust with you is going to be gone," Dick explained. "And you're going to be stronger in our side of the game."

Daniele was obviously frustrated and emphasized she did not agree with this plan.

"If I get HoH, I am not putting Nick up because there's more important people for me to get out of the house," Daniele said. 

Another Dani and Evel heart-to-heart 

Posted: 07/24/2007 12:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

In another tear-filled conversation, Dick and his daughter, Daniele, discussed their relationship outside of the house Monday night.

In another tear-filled conversation, Dick and his daughter, Daniele, discussed their relationship outside of the house Monday night.

The two, who have been on different pages for quite some time, seemed to recognize that this experience may give their relationship some hope.  

"When I first got here, Dick said, "I was like, 'Oh my God, how can I miss my daughter like this so much when I see her every single day.'"

The conversation ended with a heartfelt hug and an agreement to give each other a little more credit and support in the game. 

"I'm very proud of you," Dick said, "inside and outside of this house. I love you very much Daniele."

Who done it? Jen's shirt re-designed 

Posted: 07/23/2007 3:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

America voted and Monday Eric followed your command by squirting mustard all over Jen's shirt.

When Jen found her shirt, not only was she shocked, she immediately exclaimed, "Alright, who's in second grade?"

At the top of Jen's guilt list was Daniele. 

"I'm going with Daniele," Jen said. "She's the only one I could think of that would act like a second grader."

All 12 houseguests denied a part in the crime and the subject was dropped for now.

The true guilty party, Eric, laughed off the crime when he was confronted.

"It's not me," Eric joked, "I hate mustard." 

Late night racing hearts and silent smooches 

Posted: 07/22/2007 03:50 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Early Sunday morning Daniele and Nick were seen under the covers for a short time with sounds that could only be lips kissing.

Nick's heart was racing and heard beating very loudly as he and Daniele hid from the cameras.

Before hiding the romance under the sheets, the two stared at each other for quite a while, repeatedly asking one another, "What are you thinking?" 

At one point Nick responded, "You make me want to do stuff."

In less than five minutes of assumed lip-to-lip contact, Daniele climbed out of Nick's floor bed and went to her own. 

Evel prevails, Kail and Jen feel the heat 

Posted: 07/20/2007 11:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

It came as no big surprise for both Kail and Jen when they were left without keys following Friday evening's nomination ceremony.

Before the ceremony, Dick did not keep the nominees a secret. Instead, he had no problem letting everyone know about his plans.

"I see nothing wrong with telling you that you are going to be nominated," Dick told Kail before nominations. "Jen [will be] too."

According to Dick, at this point the plan is to vote Kail out of the house. Dick said he will put up Mike if either Kail or Jen wins the power of veto. 

Earlier in the day, the houseguests competed in the food competition that allowed them to earn certain food groups for the week. 

While the competition was not seen on the feeds, the foods they won included eggs, meats, cereal, seafood, bread, chips, milk, juice and beer. 

Jen won the power of veto Saturday afternoon in a competition called "We will rock you." 

Food always makes a happy home... for now 

Posted: 07/19/2007 11:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

All food restrictions were relaxed Thursday evening when the houseguests were treated to pizza for dinner.

Newly crowned Head of Household Dick made the toast before digging in saying he thinks it will be a good week for everyone.

Before dinner, Dick opened the door to his new HoH room where he found pictures of his son, Daniele and others. Included in his basket of goodies were chocolate syrup, cereal, beer, ice cream and a letter from his mother. 

The main target this week, according to Dick, will be Kail. 

Friday will be a busy day for the houseguests, with both the food competition and nominations on the schedule. 

Houseguests agree Joe had to go / It's the Dick... house 

Posted: 07/18/2007 09:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Joe learned his fate during the live show Thursday when he was the second houseguest evicted by a vote of 9 to 1.

Who the houseguests evicted:

Dustin - Joe
Daniele - Joe
Eric - Joe
Amber - Joe
Kail - Dick
Jameka - Joe
Mike - Joe
Nick - Joe
Jessica - Joe
Zach - Joe

In the Head of Household competition, Dick guessed the closest to the amount of hours Jen has worn her unitard to win.

Joe's chances of staying are looking slim 

Posted: 07/18/2007 06:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

It seemed Joe's chances of staying in the Big Brother house did not look good late Thursday.

The vote, which will take place live during the Thursday show, would require Joe to get at least six houseguests to choose to keep him. 

Joe would also be able to stay if he received five votes and Head of Household Jen voted, as a tie breaker, to keep him.

An early prediction from WLBB, with regard to our WLBB Web Poll, expect America to instruct their player, Eric, to evict Joe. That means the most uncertain votes at this point will be both Jameka and Jessica.

Dick calls Kail out following her secretive campaigning 

Posted: 07/18/2007 06:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Dick showed no sympathy Wednesday afternoon when he called out Kail's campaigning attempts to get him out of the house.

"Yesterday you talked more than you have the entire time," Dick said. "You told everybody how it would do you good to get me out of the house, but you didn't mention one word about how it would do them good or the house. It came off as very very selfish, and really stupid, as well as transparent." 

The other houseguests sat quietly in the kitchen as they listened to the awkward moment pan out.  

Kail did her best to skirt the attacks and not give into Dick's threats to come after her next week.

"I'm kind of glad you think I have that big of a voice here," Kail replied. "I had no idea."

This scuffle follows a full day of campaigning by Kail Tuesday to try and secure other houseguests' votes to keep Joe in the house. 

Joe finds himself on the block with Evil Dick

Posted: 07/16/2007 05:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Let the campaigning begin! 

Joe was chosen by Jen as the replacement nominee Monday afternoon following the veto ceremony.

After Daniele chose to use the power of veto on herself, Jen picked Joe to fill Daniele's seat claiming he was causing "negative energy" in the house.

Jen seemed to have a change of heart with her replacement nominee, as most of the week she planned to target Nick. 

At the time of the veto ceremony, the plan was to get Joe out of the game. However, Kail is campaigning to get rid of Dick, hoping to control Joe later in the game.

Who will be voted out next? 

Amber gets tapped as Mike's date 

Posted: 07/15/2007 11:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

As part of his veto competition prize, Mike was able to pick one person to go on a "Big Brother date" Sunday evening.

Mike chose Amber and said it was because of her kindness to everyone in the house.

He also said that he thought it was especially kind that Amber chose to be handcuffed to Kail, as Kail's anniversary is coming up and she didn't want her to be lonely.

The fine dining was a nice break for Amber, who has been on slop all week.

Watch for the veto ceremony to take place Monday. Daniele will indefinitely save herself, and Jen will then have to nominate another houseguest.

Jen is persistent on putting Nick on the block against Evil Dick, while the others want Joe.

Daniele strikes back with second veto win 

Posted: 07/14/2007 3:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Many frowns were turned upside down following Saturday afternoon's power of veto competition.

After being put up on the block with her father almost 24 hours ago, Daniele brought home the veto. 

This followed the intimate conversation by both Nick and Daniele late Friday night where Nick spilled all the details about his involvement in the Mrs. Robinson alliance. 

Nick told Daniele that he planned to keep playing in his alliance and watch out for her at the same time. In turn, Daniele opened up to Nick and admitted she was only 20.

The veto competition involved several prizes and what seems as punishments. Dick won a plasma television, Joe won a slop pass, Jen has to wear a red bodysuit and Kail and Amber have been handcuffed together until early Sunday.

Will Daniele use the veto? If so, who will Jen put up?

Jen works to break up the father/daughter pair 

Posted: 07/14/2007 12:00 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Newly crowned Head of Household Jen showed no jenuine emotion when she announced her nominations Friday night.

During the meeting, Jen explained she wanted to get rid of "negative people," which played into her decision of nominating both Evil Dick and Daniele.

According to the other houseguests, Jameka's key was pulled out first and Joe's key was last.

When the feeds came back on Jameka was crying and said that it was not right that a family should have to compete against each other.

Tomorrow the veto competition will take place.  

New HoH Jen gets her room and goodies 

Posted: 07/13/2007 12:00 AM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Newly crowned Head of Household Jen claimed the HoH room Thursday night.

Followed by all her fellow houseguests, Jen checked out the room of power she will be sleeping in all week.

The room's walls were decorated with pictures of her family, however she was disappointed that the room's look had not changed. 

Jen also received a basket filled with earplugs, nutter butters, cashews, leggings, wine and a U2 CD.

Now that she is HoH, who will Jen nominate?  

Stay with WLBB for all the latest updates! 

Amber remains safe after first eviction 

Posted: 07/12/2007 09:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

Las Vegas mom Amber kept her seat in the Big Brother 8 house Thursday, following a 10-1 vote to evict Carol.

Later in the live broadcast during the "majority" trivia Head of Household competition, Jen answered the tie breaker question correctly to win the key to the coveted room.

America also learned that they will be able to tell their player, Eric, who to try and target for eviction. 

Who will be nominated? Stay with WLBB for all the latest updates!

America's next showmance or all show? 

Posted: 07/11/2007 10:45 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

While he seems to play all the girls, Nick certainly is the closest to Daniele. Between the flirting and fun, the two spend a lot of time together, especially at night. 

In a conversation in the bedroom Wednesday, Nick asked Daniele whether she trusts him. When she answered yes, he responded by saying, "No matter what I hear, I think I can trust you."

So is this a showmance or just clever game play by Nick? 

Vote in our WLBB Web Poll.

America tells their player how to vote

Posted: 07/10/2007 10:00 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

He is goofy, a great liar and he is working for you.

On Tuesday's show, fans were given the opportunity to vote in the second America's Player poll, telling Eric whether to vote out Amber or Carol.

Fans had until 12 a.m. PST to log onto CBS.com and tell Eric whom to evict.

Who did you pick? Tell us by voting in our WLBB Web Poll.

Big Brother 8 episode two photos

Posted: 07/10/2007 09:40 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

CBS released photos from the second episode Tuesday.

The pictures included the buttery food competition and Jen's "awful picture" breakdown.

Click a thumbnail below to view full image:

Score is 1-0 for America's Player Pick Eric 
Posted: 07/09/2007 03:30 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

America's Player pick Eric received his assignment Monday.

America chose for Eric to cry his heart out to Kail about a made-up traumatic experience.  

Eric's fake sobbing story involved an ex-girlfriend from high school who had an eating disorder. He said he couldn't help her and had to break up with her.

Along with tears, he added in the fact that Danielle reminded him of this girlfriend. 

Big Brother 8 episode one photos

Posted: 06/28/2007 04:50 PM ET  |  Posted by Matt

CBS released photos from the premiere episode Friday.

The pictures included one studio picture of Julie, several candids of the houseguests and many of the spinning mushroom HoH competition.

Click a thumbnail below to view full image:



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